Fan Shot From Afghanistan: Optimism in a Mets World

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Brave service men and women are still in Afghanistan protecting the American ideal.

Here is a special Fan Shot that comes from one of our friends still serving in Afghanistan, Staff Sergeant Michael Cunningham, US Army.  

I am about to return from a nine month deployment to Afghanistan with a renewed optimism about the Mets and their second half.

My first game at Shea had Mike Scott on the mound and my first autograph was the immortal Rick Ownbey so I have been suffering the good, bad and ugly for a good minute.

Deployments haven’t been good to me as a Mets fan. I was in Iraq for Carlos Beltran‘s infamous called third strike and, while extended, kept up with their ’07 collapse on the internet.

When I returned from my second vacation to Iraq the Mets were having a good first half under Terry only to fall apart. This time, however, I honestly feel that things are looking up.

The Madoff mess is supposedly behind us which could lead to some reinforcements in the offseason.

The Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler show is in its infancy and it reminds me of the good old days of Doc, Darling, and Sid.

Prospects are about to flood Citi Field: Flores, Montero, Syndergaard, etc.

Linking the last two sentences make for an obvious comparison that it almost feels like the early 80s, but it could also turn into the mid 90s (Generation K). That’s the life of a Mets fan.

Even when things are looking up we remember past catastrophes, but we still remain loyal.

Thinking again of the second half…

Will Terry remain after this year (I hope so).

Will d’Arnaud ever stay healthy enough to show up?

Will the Mets be able to correctly choose which prospects to keep and which ones to trade away?

How many prospects have gotten away to become stars? Kevin Mitchell, anybody?

Bleeding blue and orange isn’t for the faint of heart…

For all my guarded optimism this could become another Kansas City Royals (always thinking they are close to stepping up but always failing).

My times up… Off to the USO… So all I can do now is say Let’s Go Mets!!!

SSG Michael Cunningham, United States Army

mets support the troops

Thanks for the shout-out from Afghanistan, Staff Sergeant Cunningham. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Hope you get a chance to take in a a game or two when you get home on leave, and if you do let me know and MMO will make the game extra special for you.

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