Eric Young Jr. Is A Class Act

So, this morning Eric Young Jr. tweeted this about the unfortunate play that resulted in a broken ankle for Tim Hudson who is now out for the season:

Young isn’t really taking flak for this, is he? If you look at how the play developed (and Young’s subsequent reaction of devastation), it’s so blatantly clear there was nothing intentional about that. I’m sure it was mostly trolls looking to get a reaction and make Young feel worse than he already does, but anybody who wholeheartedly thinks he did that on purpose needs to get a clue.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at New York Mets

Although unfortunate to see happen as Hudson is definitely one of the more respectable guys in the game, at least it happened because Young was playing baseball the right way. The class that Young showed afterward was incredible to say the least, and it was a nice human moment. Young’s been great for us so far, and last night was a reminder of how he could very well be an important piece of our future.

As for Tim Hudson, he has the wishes of everyone at MMO for quick and healthy return.