3 Up & 3 Down: The All Star Game Edition

harvey wright

I haven’t sat down to watch an All-Star game in at least the last twenty years. The All-Star game just isn’t my cup of tea. However, with the game taking place right here in our own backyard, I figured I’d at least watch the opening introductions. I stuck around longer than that, but not until the end of the game. Anyway, I though it would be fun to a 3&3  about the ASG.

3 up

A Kid At Heart: It was great watching David Wright during the opening introductions. He came on to the field with his game face on, but as he started shaking hands, his smile grew wider and wider. It made me realize baseball is still a game for kids, and we all should be kids at heart.

The Franchise Returns: For a whole generation of Met fans, we still get goosebumps when we see the Franchise Tom Seaver on the mound. Seaver was sick recently with Lyme Disease, but he sure looked great on Tuesday night. It would have have been awesome to have number 31, catch that first pitch, but the Captain was a nice alternate.

Mo’s Moment: In all the years of doing 3&3 we have never had a Yankee in the “Up” slot. That said, how classy, and how much of a gentleman is Mariano Rivera? The American League, and Citi Field got it 100% correct when Mo entered the game. A great job, a great baseball moment.

3 down

It Happens All The Time: It’s amazing how many people tried to make an issue of Matt Harvey hitting Robinson Cano on leg the in the first inning. It happens in baseball, especially on a very hot night with a nervous young pitcher on the mound. There was no intent to harm Cano, and both Cano & Harvey handled the situation like pro’s. Pipe down, Yankee fans…

SNL Rip-Off: You would think if FOX was going to use an opening from an established TV show to open the ASG with, it would have been a show actually on FOX. I expected a little more creativity from FOX than to steal the intro to Saturday Night Live.

Enter The Yankee Fan: How about the dopey Yankee fan who felt the need to run out onto the field during the game? This is typical of Yankee fans who feel the need to be the center of attention. I’m sure the whole time the clown was in lockup, he talked about the 27 World Championships…..

All right the season resumes on Friday. Until then…

lets go mets dog