Wilpon Joins Alderson In Painting A Better Tomorrow, But I Need More Than Just Talk

fred wilpon

Fred Wilpon spoke with Steven Marcus of Newsday on Monday and said he is confident in Sandy Alderson’s plan for the Mets. The Mets owner added that things will improve now that the big unproductive contracts are coming off the books.

“We’re coming to the end of the time when we have had an overhang of players who got hurt or didn’t play well, and I think that Sandy Alderson and his staff have a plan.”

“I know some people are impatient about it. But they do have a plan and they’re executing on their plan and I think things are in the right direction. It’s hard to say that when the team loses four, five in a row.”

“I get it, I suffer with it. I think that we have to see that plan become successful because in today’s world it’s not how much money you spend — although we have invested a lot of money.”

My position remains the same as always, I’ll believe they are spending when I see it. The onus is on them.

As far as I’m concerned Alderson was brought here by Bud Selig to keep the current owners from losing control of the team, and everything Sandy has done since taking over has been to that end. He has helped them to become entrenched and stave off any financial uncertainty.

Alderson actually spoke to fans on Friday and said he was ready to spend and add quality major leaguers.

“This is excruciating, I know,” Alderson said, “It is excruciating for the fans and excruciating for me. I know people don’t want to hear this, but we are approaching the end of the cleanup. I’m not using that as an excuse. I’m not writing off the season. But there are reasons why we are where we are.”

“People want to know when we’re going to have more good players,” Alderson continued. “I believe we’re about to have more good players. Zack Wheeler pitches Tuesday. And if the right trade presents itself down the line, believe me, we’ll make it.”

I wish I could believe that… But we were promised good players before the Winter Meetings. Where are they? We were promised good players after the Winter Meetings. Where are they? This is an awful team. The outfield is still a train-wreck, the bullpen is again the worst in the majors for the third year in a row, and now we have gaping holes at first base and shortstop with no solid options to fill those positions.

As for “The Plan” and the “Rebuild” that is not a rebuild, I’ll weigh in after I see at least one .500 season first. At least that would symbolize a modicum of some progress albeit a small one.

For now, the team is on pace for 100 losses. This much is true.

There’s still a lot of work to be done… We have been losing more games than we’ve been winning for three straight years now – five if you want to count the last regime. Meanwhile all we get is these semi annual pleas for patience…

It’s hard to smell any future success when we are still surrounded by the stench of failure.

Put your money where your mouth is, Fred and Sandy…

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