Which Mets Players will Represent the Team at the Mid Season Classic at Citi Field?

david wrightWith all of this talk about how the Mets are falling apart and the product on the field is just not worth watching these days, I guess it’s hard to even imagine, if any Mets players will represent the team on July 16th when the All Star game is played at Citi Field. Over the history of All Star games played in New York since the Mets first season of 1962, only a handful of players have actually represented the team. The Mets hosted their first All Star game at Shea Stadium in 1964 and second baseman Ron Hunt was the lone player to represent the Mets. In 1977, the game was held at Yankee Stadium and catcher John Stearns was on hand for the Mets. Then in 2008 the All Star game again was held at Yankee Stadium and Billy Wagner and David Wright were the lone Mets attendees.

Now that the All Star game will be held at Citi Field this season, the hope is that more Mets players will be represented at the home field, but with the state the Mets are in at this point, there is no guarantee that that will happen. There is a chance that the fans will vote in David Wright as the starting third basemen and he only trails Pablo Sandoval by 127,176 votes.. With a little more than a month away from the game, Wright still may be able to land on the team as a reserve, but starting would be his preference especially with the game being at Citi Field.

John Buck can possibly join David Wright on the All Star team because he leads all NL catchers with 11 HR and 35 RBIs, but if you are looking at his other stats, his batting average is not typically considered all star material especially at .219. Buck has received 523,843 and his currently third in the voting, but highly unlikely that he will gain enough votes to surpass Buster Posey who has 1,275,956.

matt harveyWith regards to the Pitchers, at 5-0 with a 2.17 ERA, and 89 K’s, Matt Harvey was looking as a great potential to start for the Mets but he has not won a start since May 17 and prior to that he last won on April 19th. It isn’t anything that he has done wrong; just the typical Mets lack of run support or timely hits. If Harvey had a better hitting squad, it’s safe to say he might be at least 10-0 by now. That may sound crazy, but if you look at his numbers, he hasn’t allowed more than 4 runs in a game so far this season. Harvey does have a great chance to be on the roster on July 16th, and it would be a nice feather in his cap if he started. But that decision will ultimately rest with Giants manager Bruce Bochy.

At this point in the season I do not see any other Mets players that warrant an All Star nod at Citi Field, and if I am wrong, that will mean that the team turned things around and are playing great baseball. That may be too much to wish for, but you never know. So we just wait and see and hope that with the Mid Season Classic in our stadium, that we will be able to root on more men in orange and blue then originally thought. I know I am dreaming, but I have still about a month and a half before I really need to wake up.

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