Sandy Alderson Fires Back At Bob Costas

Sandy Alderson

Last Sunday, it seemed the Mets were destined to continue their trek down a road they were all too familiar with. After eight innings of unimpressive play, the Mets were about to add to their losing streak. They had dropped their four previous match-ups and the offensively lacking team was two outs away from making it five.

That’s when the recently recalled Kirk Nieuwenhuis gave the Mets the perfect Father’s Day gift. Down two runs, the 25-year old hit a three run blast to end the game in walk-off fashion.

As is tradition, he was greeted at the plate by a frenzied mass of ecstatic teammates. They gathered together for the much needed celebration of his accomplishment, and more importantly, their win.

It was this simple act that caused Bob Costas to spew his pompous take on the days events, claiming it was “another indication of the ongoing decline of western civilization.”

Unsurprisingly, his comments were met with resentment from fans and critics alike. Nieuwenhuis’ blast ended the teams four game losing streak and essentially forced a breath of life back into a slowly suffocating team and their dejected fans.

The Mets weren’t just celebrating for themselves, they were celebrating for everyone who has stuck diligently beside them through this dismal season. We needed it.

Yesterday afternoon, Alderson tweeted his response to the opinionated jab that the silver-tongued Costas felt he needed to proclaim.

And while Sandy Alderson may not be the most popular member of the Mets staff, he valiantly stood up for his boys.

Thank you Mr. Alderson. You eloquently said what most Met fans were thinking. You put Costas in his place while maintaining your integrity and giving us a good laugh. Something we all desperately needed.