Ojeda Says Six-Man Rotation Would Be Disastrous, SNY Ratings On Life Support

Since 2009, Bobby Ojeda has been the lead Mets analyst on SNY's pre and post game coverage.

Wheeler’s debut should help SNY’s sagging ratings according to Neil Best of Newsday who writes:

SNY is on pace for the lowest Mets ratings in its eight-season history, stuck with a team out of contention earlier than any other in that span, and suddenly has been gifted with a marquee attraction.

“I think this team, fan base, organization, and maybe a little bit the announcers, need a jolt of excitement, and he provides that,” Ron Darling said of Wheeler.

Darling and fellow analyst Bobby Ojeda also weighed in on Terry Collins’ decision to go with a six-man rotation, with both agreeing that “going with a six-man rotation after adding Wheeler would be disastrous.”

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that revenue and fan interest is severely down across every level of the Mets business ranging from attendance, merchandising, and of course viewership.

Fans have become disenfranchised, disillusioned and many have crossed the line and are simply outraged. I haven’t seen this kind of sentiment toward the team since M. Donald Grant was in charge, and we all know how that wound up.

That they really can’t see that Shaun Marcum isn’t part of the equation is somewhat perplexing. The front office has become gun shy and indecisive along with their manager Collins. Somehow, in their minds, a pitcher who had zero value when they signed him three weeks before spring training, can become some sort of a chip to trade. Teams weren’t interested in Marcum when all it took was an incentive laden contract to sign him, and yet now they expect teams to pony up prospects for him? Illogical on all levels.

As for SNY viewership and ratings, it’s become a non-stop barrage of Cholula Hot Sauce spots, Acorn Stair Lifts, and what have you.

It’s a constant barrage of noise and distractions… Right in the middle of one game last week, they ran a chat on MetsBlog for a half hour with Bobby Ojeda who was supposed to be analyzing the game.

Kevin Burkhardt’s in-game interviews are becoming more frequent and twice as long, many of them interrupting the play on the field.

There’s a sponsor for everything that could happen in a game. They got it all covered… That drag bunt was brought to you by… That throw to the plate was sponsored by… That walk-off homerun by Freddie Freeman was presented by…

I wonder what percentage of a Mets game is the actual Mets game?

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