MMO Book Review: The Happiest Recap by Greg Prince


Just before the season started, Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing, was kind enough to send me out a copy of his new book, The Happiest Recap : First Base 1962-1973.

It’s the first of four volumes chronicling the rich fifty year history of the New York Mets, told only the way you would expect from Greg – by recounting the team’s most memorable wins.

That’s right, this is a win-by-win accounting of all those enduring plays and moments that are now part of the intricate tapestry of being a Met fan. Greg reintroduces us to all the colorful characters – great and small – who gave us joy and shaped the way we look at and support these Amazin Mets today.

All told, the four volumes will cover 500 wins that every Met fan needs to know about. This isn’t just a series, but more of an epic journey that will have you laughing, rejoicing, and reliving all of the most thrilling and quintessential victories this franchise has ever had.

“First Base” is where it all begins, and Greg finds plenty to extoll about even in those formative years between 1962 and 1968 when we first fell in love with those lovable losers. Experience the Miracle of 1969 all over again as well as the triumphs of the “Ya Gotta Believe” season in 1973 that left an indelible imprint on our Mets fandom that would define us forever.

Along the way, marvel at the magnificent storytelling and relive some of the those long-forgotten tales that Greg wonderfully brings back to life, leaving no stone unturned.

Nobody I know writes as passionately about the Mets as Greg Prince does, and now he supplements his great site with a satisfying treat for all your Mets senses. Even the name of this epic series, The Happiest Recap, invokes all the enthusiasm, warmth and passion of 500 happy recaps from the late, great Bob Murphy.

Do yourselves a favor and grab a copy of this book today. No Mets library or collection would be complete without it… You can all thank me later. 🙂

happiest recap

The Happiest Recap: First Base 1962-1973

Meet The Author!

Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing will be bringing his latest book, The Happiest Recap, to the fabulous Bergino Baseball Clubhouse on Wednesday night, June 26 at 7 PM for a discussion and signing. Bergino proprietor Jay Goldberg invites all Mets fans to stick around afterwards to watch the Mets and White Sox live from the South Side of Chicago. Read more about it here.

Greg will have copies of volume one, “First Base: 1962-1973,” on hand. Bergino is one of the best baseball spaces in all of New York, featuring one-of-a-kind items and a vibe that’s part Shea, part Cooperstown and all National Pastime. It’s located at 67 E. 11th St., between Broadway and University, a short walk south of Union Square.

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