Lack Of Wright’s All Star Game Support Is Not On The Fans, It’s On The Mets…

david wrightDavid Wright spoke out about the overzealous campaign by the Mets to get him voted to the All Star Game.

“It’s nice when the organization is trying so hard to do something for one of their players and I can’t thank them enough for that,” Wright said.

“But at the same time, I’ve asked them to kind of back it down a little bit, especially with the stuff between innings. You appreciate what they’re trying to do, and they’re very good-hearted, but at the same time, this is a team game.”

Interestingly enough, Wright told reporters that it wasn’t the Mets reaching out to Cougar Life that bothered him the most, although I’m sure it had to play some part.

Yesterday, Deadspin leaked a series of email exchanges between the Mets and Cougar Life who was asking them to get their clientele, comprised of older women, to vote for David Wright after they named him “The Hottest Cub.”

I’m glad Wright spoke up. I think it’s better when fan sites like this one and others do what they can to drum up voting and I thought the Cougar Life thing was way off putting for my tastes.

Am I surprised that Wright reached out to someone in the Mets’ marketing department and asked them to turn down the volume? Not at all… This speaks to the type of person Wright is; one who takes integrity and honor very seriously.

Honestly, Wright deserves to be starting over Pablo Sandoval. He blows him and most third baseman in the league out of the water across many statistical categories.

The lack of voting support is not a reflection of the Mets fan base which is three times larger than the San Francisco Giants fan base.

I blame the fact that Wright is not leading in the vote to the product on the field and five straight losing seasons which has seen many Met fans tuning out.

The fan base has become disconnected, divided, frustrated and unwilling to pay good money to watch the team. You have some that are more patient who grin and bare it, while others are just so sick of the losing and are unwilling to tolerate it anymore.

My advice to the Mets is to fix the team and I will assure you that the All Star voting will fix itself…

There will be no more need for gimmicks and stunts like Cougar Life.

The problems isn’t the fan base, it’s you.

Don’t blame us… Blame yourselves…

Now go and cast 35 votes for David Wright if you haven’t already by voting here


Original Post 6/13

Deadspin writes:

When the first vote totals for the MLB All-Star Game were released last week, David Wright was in second. A desperate Mets marketing department didn’t want Wright to lose to Pablo Sandoval for the second year in a row, especially not with the game being held at Citi Field. So one employee decided to turn to an untapped voting base, one that would support Wright in droves: tens of thousands of older women who want to **** him.

You have to read the entire email interaction here….

Last month, Cougar Life—”the cougar dating site for younger hot men to meet sexy older professional women”—surveyed its female members. David Wright beat out Cole Hamels and Matt Kemp to take the title of “hottest cub.”

Ummm… I like my way better… Just #VoteWright… Go here


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