Has The Allure And New Ballpark Smell Of Citi Field Worn Off?

One of my favorite baseball sites is StadiumJourney.com. Founded by Paul Swaney, Stadium Journey has become the best destination site for sports fans who are planning their own baseball or other sports road trips. Their invaluable tips and ballpark and stadium reviews provide all the information you need to plan ahead and know what to expect. They review everything from the food to the atmosphere and even the fans, to help make your baseball journey the very best it can be.

They recently updated their reviews for Cit Field and NYSEG Stadium, the home of the Binghamton Mets.

what a view citi field opening day

Citi Field gets high marks for their food and accessibility, but are at the bottom when it comes to extras and bang for the buck on ticket prices. They aptly point out:

“Through years of disappointment in the franchise, the allure of a new ballpark has worn off. What true Mets fans are left with are inaccessible levels of the ballpark due to being priced out by the fat-cats (who rarely show up themselves). It’s a joke really for the franchise to continue to pretend that there is a market demand for the exclusive seats. No one wants to see a losing team (outside of Wrigley Field) and until the Mets put some players on the field that can get the fan base excited, the Mets owner (Fred Wilpon) might want to invest in some large tarps that he can cover sections of seating that will otherwise go empty.”

In other words… The thrill is gone…

You can read their final thoughts and full review on Citi Field here, and you can read their review on NYSEG Stadium here.

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