Draft Notes: Examining Top Three Mets Selections, Signing Updates

In an interesting move, the Mets drafted three high school players with their first three picks of the 2013 draft. They were all very interesting picks, as New York selected a first baseman, a right handed pitcher, and an outfielder, respectively.

When I mean interesting, I mean that they all have very, very high ceilings in their respective categories. Dominic Smith leads this pack with his all-around package as a plus hitting and defensive projections.

dominic smith

1B Dominic Smith, 11th overall pick, Serra High School, Gardena, CA

Scouting Report:

From the very start of scouting reports read about Smith, the word “Advanced” continually popped up on the screen. Most reports said he was the best High School bat in the draft, saying he could easily have plus hitting, as well as plus power. These constant speculations lead me to suspect his major league ceiling (provided he reaches) could be around a .300 hitter with ~30 home runs, being a RBI machine, as paraphrased by Jon Mayo. I feel he is a bat that would move very fast through the system, but the organization might keep him behind next year, as they did with both Gavin Cecchini and Brandon Nimmo.

Signing Status:

As proclaimed by his parents, he could likely sign soon. Even with doing batting practice at Citi Field, there isn’t an indication this is set in stone. Nevertheless, with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, it is likely Smith already agreed to a pre-draft deal, which is a common occurrence.

Likely Destination after signing:

Either Gulf Coast League, or Kingsport. Sorry, no Brooklyn; it would break his confidence hitting against that right-field wind.


I am fairly interested in this pick, being he was overall the top high school bat in the class, and with Baseball America calling him a “potential superstar.” My only hope is they let Smith advance quickly through the system if he proves it, unlike Nimmo and Cecchini.


RHP Andrew Church, 48th overall Pick, Basic High School, Henderson, Nevada

Scouting Report:

Even though he had to change schools three times, and had been initially ruled ineligible for the draft, Church would have been a first round talent if he had more experience. At 6′ 1″ and 185 pounds, Church’s fastball sits around 90 to 93 miles per hour, occasionally touching 95, according to Baseball America. His curve ball is a plus at times, while also throwing a decent slider and change up. His mechanics have been smoothed out from a prior violent delivery. He’s shown he can hold his velocity deep into games. Despite Baseball America’s report of Church’s fastball hitting 95, Keith Law mentioned in a pre-draft chat on April 25th he had him hitting 96 to 97 in workouts.

Signing Status:

Baseball America notes it would have likely taken him to be drafted in the first two rounds to forgo the commitment he had to San Diego State. John Manuel of Baseball America believes this is a pre-draft deal, and Church will sign. There have been no published articles suggesting whether he’ll sign or not.

Likely Destination after signing:

Gulf Coast League, since he is seen as a “Project.”


I expressed last week I was content with not taking Austin Wilson.While I am content, knowing there aren’t many miles on Church’s arm has me thrilled with this pick.

ivan wilson

OF Ivan Wilson, 76th overall pick, Ruston High School, Louisiana

Scouting Report:

Wilson is an athlete, listed at 6′ 3″, and 220 pounds. Baseball America reported he has run a 6.7, considered a 60-65 on the 20-80 scouting scale, which would be around plus ability. BA also reports a lot of raw power and a sound swing. However, it’s still a mystery as to why it doesn’t show up in games yet. Wilson has been discussed as a potential five-tool player, and could eventually end up as a fantastic center or right fielder if his skills fully develop.

Signing Status:

According to the New Orleans Times and the News Star, Ivan Wilson says he will sign. He said he saw the bonus the Mets were offering and liked it. Wilson also added it will not take long for him to sign a contract. He committed to Grambling weeks ago, but that was in an attempt to gain some more leverage, as he went all spring without a college commitment.

Likely Destination after Signing:

Gulf Coast League, according the News Star. His coach is the only one on record saying such.


Thrilled with this pick and his athleticism. He has a sound swing, and it may not be long before he’s a top outfielder. The only concern I have comes from Law’s scouting report, which doesn’t match with everything I’ve seen. Law states Wilson has an inconsistent bat path, trouble with breaking pitches, and is an average runner.

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Other Draft Notes:

Luis Guillorme, selected in the 10th round, is light hitting high school shortstop with a plus glove. He’s signed for $200,000, which is $100,000 overslot.

Gaither Bumgardner, the 23rd round senior right-hander from University of South Carolina-Upstate has also signed, according to his twitter.

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