Broadcasting Games For A Loser Presents Certain Challenges

sandy alderson sny booth

In an article that was highly critical of the New York Mets, Bob Raissman of the Daily News pondered how challenging it must be for SNY to broadcast Mets games and still keep the viewers from tuning out.

With no end to the Mets’ ineptitude and misery in sight, their broadcasters are the only entertaining element left. They won’t be able to stop the ratings from tanking, no set of voices can do that, but they can hold what is left of the shrinking audience by pounding away at the horror show reality the Mets will be dealing with indefinitely.

Mets fans have options. They can stop going to Citi Field, which they have already done in droves. And they can stop watching Mets games on SNY or listening on WFAN. The broadcasters don’t have a choice. They not only get paid to watch this garbage, they must find a way to honestly describe it.

Wow, that’s a bit rough. Raissman also warns the Mets voices to not even try attaching false hope to Sandy Alderson’s recent moves because “that would be a con job.”

He adamantly insists that now is the time to dispense with the platitudes and to tell fans what they really think of the job Alderson is doing. “The fans need to know,” he writes.

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It sounds to me like Raissman is a man with an ax to grind, and while I can totally understand his obvious outrage, he’s choosing a very unprofessional way of going about this. I would expect better from a longtime journalist as him.