Alderson Says Duda and Tejada Are Not Core Players

lucas-dudaOne of the things Sandy Alderson said today during his interview with WFAN’s Mike Francesa, struck me as being kind of odd and out of place.

Alderson said that he does not consider Ruben Tejada or Lucas Duda as part of the team’s core.

You know what? Neither do I, but I doubt that Duda or Tejada care what I think.

Alderson also said he “does consider” Ike Davis to be part of the core. He of course being the player that was just demoted to Triple-A Las Vegas on Sunday.

Obviously, Davis is a former first round pick and naturally has a higher ceiling, so again, no disagreement there, but the way he went public with his feelings about Duda and Tejada rubbed me the wrong way.

tejadaIt reminded me of M. Donald Grant’s style when he was running things. Grant openly criticized his players publicly and believed it was a good motivation vehicle. Is that what Sandy was doing? Motivating?

Just before that he took a shot at a great deal of players without mentioning names.

“We have too many players who don’t approach our hitting philosophy the way they should be.” Alderson said.

“What I mean by that is putting yourself into hitting counts. When you have a preponderance of players who don’t follow that approach it becomes infectious. Right now we have too many players like that.”

Are Tejada and Duda two of those players?

Hey, it’s no skin off my back. Terry Collins is the one that has to deal with the aftermath not me…

But what a strange thing to say about two of your current players, one of whom is still just 23-years old, the other one who’s on pace for a 30 homer season.

Core players? Not at all… But what other GM devalues his players publicly rather than elevating them?

confused bruce

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