3 Up & 3 Down: The Sky Is Falling Edition

Chicken Little

I think all of us knew the 2013 Mets were not a playoff caliber baseball team. However I was also of the belief that although the Mets were not postseason ready, they would at least be competitive. Boy was I wrong. Here we are a week before Father’s Day, and we find the Mets in total disarray. In fact the Mets have not been relevant since Mother’s Day. So today we present a 3&3 featuring the top three Surprises (players meeting expectations), and the top three disappointments.

3 up

Masterful Matt: I usually don’t buy into the hype surrounding young players, however Matt Harvey appears to be something special. Matt has a 5-0 record at this point in the season, with a 2.10 ERA. He has struck out 95 batters in 90 innings pitched, and the opposition is batting .196 against him. Pretty much each and every one of Matt’s starts have been quality starts. The intangible that Harvey brings to every game, is he gives his teammates and fans the feeling that the Mets will win that night’s game. That’s huge.

Dan Is Still The Man: Now that Ike Davis is in Area 51, there are reports circulating that the Mets may move Daniel Murphy to first base. Don’t do that. Murphy has proven to be a very solid second baseman. He’s worked very hard to learn how to field his position, just let him be. Not that I have any doubts that Murphy would excel anywhere the Mets choose to play him, but his bat plays better at second. Murphy has done everything the team has asked of him. Not only that, but he is one of just two genuine MLB hitters the Mets have, the other being that guy at third base.

Wright As Rain: We all know what David Wright brings to the team on the field each and every night. What I want to mention here is David’s emergence as a leader. For a while I wondered if David had the moxie to speak up and lead this team. Over the last few games, whether it’s frustration over losing, or him flexing the power of his captaincy, I see him exerting himself more and more on the field. With a young team, that’s exactly what the Mets need.

3 down

What Happened To Ruben: Last season, Ruben Tejada had us all saying “Jose who?”. This year, Tejada has been a major disappointment. Prior to going on the DL, Ruben was batting a paltry .209. More shocking has been his fielding which has regressed sharply. Before the start of this season, I considered the Mets infield to be pretty good. Boy was I wrong.

Viva Ike Vegas: After being swept by the Marlins this past weekend, Ike Davis was handed a plane ticket to Area 51… coach. My only question is what took so long? Ike was batting .161 when he was sent to Vegas. It’s really hard to understand what happened to Ike, but hopefully he’ll be able to get his act together real soon.

Abandon (Owner)Ship: While Sandy Alderson certainly deserves part of the blame for this mess, the fish stinks from the head down and by that I mean Fred & Jeff Wilpon. If there was such a thing as ownership malpractice, the Wilpons would be guilty of it. How can Mets ownership see the substandard product on the field and expect fans to pay top dollar to watch? Joe D. posted a great entry about the mystique of the new stadium wearing off. It’s true. Nobody is going to pay hard earned money to see this team as currently constructed. This feels like the late 1970’s. Unless the Wilpons do something to earn our goodwill and trust, Mets attendance will continue to suffer and deservedly so.

So there we have it. Hopefully the next edition of 3 Up & 3 Down will address on field happenings.

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