Six Moves The Mets Could Make To Give This Team A Jolt

dave hudgens1. Fire Dave Hudgens – Call it bad luck, poor execution or just a failed approach, whatever Hudgens is doing or trying to do has been a massive failure. There are no success stories in his wake and too many good hitters with promise that have regressed. Every failed season needs a fall guy, and Hudgens fits the bill quite nicely. Remember when Steve Phillips fired Bob Apodaca and how it jolted the Mets and set them on a path to the post season? This team needs a jolt.

2. Demote Ike Davis – Enough is enough. Iv’e been calling for the promotion of Josh Satin (.303/.408/.492) since April 14 and I still don’t understand what it is we’re waiting for. It’s great that Ike Davis is loved by his teammates who don’t want to see him go, but this is no damned country club and the goal here is to win. Davis is killing this team and it’s time Sandy Alderson does the right thing and stops accepting failure as the norm. You’re the decision-maker, make a freaking decision already.

3. Demote Ruben Tejada – Somehow, Tejada has escaped much of the glare of his truly awful season. Last night was the last straw. Sometimes you can tolerate a .200 hitting shortstop because of his sterling defense ala Rey Ordonez, but that’s not the case with Tejada. His defense has been erratic and has cost the Mets more than a couple of wins. He also has no speed to speak of and it begs the question what exactly does he contribute to this team? The answer is nothing. Maybe he can return as a utility infielder, but right now the Mets need to make room for Omar Quintanilla (.328/.415/.480) and to do so with all due haste.

4. Play Juan Lagares – I can’t believe that ever since Lagares went 2-for-3 with a two-run homer on May 19, he’s made just one start in ten games. The toolsy outfielder, who also happens to be the best defensive outfielder the Mets have, was called up after tearing up the PCL with a .348/.378/.551 slash and has been wasting away on the bench at the ripe old age of 24 with just 43 scattered at-bats to his name. What other teams do that to their prospects?

5. Cut Jordany Valdespin – I’m so tired of hearing how good Valdespin is. He is batting .214 with 19 strikeouts in 44 at-bats. I’m glad he and David Wright are now besties according to Terry Collins, but he’s wasting a roster spot. Let him go play everyday in Vegas and maybe we’ll see him again. At least Lagares can pick it in center field.

6. Cut Robert Carson – I can’t believe that Carson and his 9.49 ERA are still on this team. Again, why does it take a front office with four GMs so long to make the no-brainers? You want a lefthander that can pitch? Look no further than Jack Leathersich. I’ll spare you my weekly raves and simply say that no pitcher in the Mets system is more MLB-Ready than Leathersich – not even Zack Wheeler. He currently yields a 1.48 ERA and 1.15 WHIP with 45 strikeouts in 24.1 innings pitched. You put this kid in the bullpen and it’s like adding a Billy Wagner in his prime. That’s right… I just said that…

Now, am I saying that with a wave of the wand these moves will vault the Mets into the Wild Card race? No, of course not. But it will show us that the front office has a pulse and are unwilling to accept the intolerable play we have been getting from this team so far this season.

Do something right for crying out loud. Make a move. Don’t just sit on your hands like helpless fools hoping things will get better all by themselves. Make things happen. Stop being so reactive and start being more proactive. Geez… Is that too much to ask from one of the most highly compensated front offices in baseball?

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