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Some readers have become accustomed to the great minor league coverage here on Mets Merized Online over the past couple of months. Truth be told, the reason you have seen such an abundance of coverage lately was because we have been gearing up for something big…


MMO, was the first site to provide daily Mets minor league recaps in 2005, years before everyone else decided to join the party.

After almost ten years of providing more prospect interviews and the most comprehensive coverage of the Mets minors you could find anywhere, we decided it was time for a new site dedicated solely to Mets Minor League coverage.

In addition to individual daily recaps for each affiliate, we plan on providing you with over two dozen regular weekly features, detailed original player analysis, updated prospects rankings, a weekly Top Prospect Watch, daily updated statistics, exclusive player interviews, photo galleries, video and audio features, and so much more.

In addition to the Mets minor league coverage, we have also assembled a five man team who will also focus solely on the MLB Draft.

In short, our powerhouse staff is committed to providing Mets fans with a very unique and ultimate experience – a total experience that will be unmatched.

Our goal is to be the best, and we are dedicated to achieving that with hard work, real insight and analysis, and an incredible stream of non-stop coverage that you, the Met fan, truly deserve.

We reached out to the New York Mets and they are excited for us, and so are all of the players who have already reached out to us. And just like MMO revolutionized how Mets minor league coverage should be, is now ready to reach even greater heights and set the bar higher.

Thoughts from Satish Ram

So the Mets Minors Initiative, much like the Avengers Initiative, is out to do something special – and save some lives. You might be ready to call me over dramatic, but the amount of young talent the Mets have knocking on the door in their minor league system is a breath of fresh air compared to the current major league product.

Covering the minor leagues is a different animal than I’ve been used to – but I have to say I’ve loved every second of it. I took a lot of pride in being able to contribute whatever I could to the Metsmerized Minor League coverage – and MetsMinors.Net will be no different. I have no less than the utmost confidence in my two partners, Mitch and Matt, and the entire team that composes MetsMinors.Net.

I also want to extend a little thank you to all of our consistent and educated readers here at MMO and I hope that you follow us over to our new companion site, where we will aspire to provide you with the absolute best in Mets Minor League coverage.

Thoughts from Matt Musico

I’m incredibly excited to join the MMO family, and more specifically, I’ve been searching for a while to find a site that covers the minor leagues in detail, and I didn’t think I’d actually end up being a part of it. This will be a great site that will be a one-stop shop for everything with regard to the Mets minor leagues.

When I officially joined the initiative, I was stepping out of my comfort zone because I’ve never covered the minors in much detail, but working with Mitch and Satish have helped me adjust to my new role. I speak for us all when I say that we appreciate everyone who will be crossing over to read us in addition to all of the great content here on MMO.

Your support and desire to get more minor league coverage helped make this happen, and we’re dedicated to bringing you everything that you’re asking for!

So whether you are a fan who just wants to keep up with the big name prospects, or a fan who loves following everyone in the Mets minor league system extensively, is the site for you.

As our slogan says:

The Future of the Mets Begins Right Here!

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