Matt Harvey Draws Comparisons To Other Mets Pitching Legends

matt harvey 2While listening to last night’s Mets v. Philadelphia Phillies game, it took me back in time. I grew up in the 80’s era when Mets Legend Doc Gooden dominated almost every game and timely hitting scored just enough runs to compliment the man on the mound. Having witnessed the pitching dominance of the Mets in their World Series run in 1986, it has helped me to give a better insight look into the 2013 Mets and their version of the young guns. Pitcher Jonathan Niese (1-0) has pitched well enough so far which has kept the focus off the loss of Johan Santana and Pitcher Matt Harvey has been nothing close to brilliant in his two starts this season. I understand that it is early, but what Harvey has shown can be compared to legends of the past. Yes that may sound crazy on my part, but no one can deny what he has done so far in this young season and only time will tell how good he can be.

Matt Harvey went out last night and dominated his second game in a row and did it from the opening pitch to his last batter of the game. For a Mets team that no one is picking to do anything this season, they might just surprise some people with their young powerful arms. Harvey in the 7th inning, had his fastball clocked at 98 mph, which took me back to the nights that Doc Gooden was just as impressive. And Gooden did it for a full season which he was awarded the Cy Young award in 1985 with an impressive 24 wins and only 4 losses and a 1.53 ERA.

This season may not end the way it has started, but the excitement that Harvey has shown through his pitching has allowed fans to start to dream. It may only be two starts, but if Mets fans can’t get excited of what could be, then why are we considered fans. It all has to start at some point, and these games will be confidence boosters for Harvey down the stretch. Every game that Harvey pitches in is another experience he will gain and the more he pitches well, the better he will be.

At 5-2, the Mets are just a game behind surging Atlanta, and they haven’t faced the crème of the crop of the National League, but good teams take care of business and beat the teams that they should and just like last night, the Mets came out and surprised the naysayers by beating an old nemesis in Roy Halladay. Well not just beat him but knocked him out of the game, which is a great confidence boost for a young Mets team still looking for their true identity. And for Matt Harvey to out-pitch Halladay, it makes you wonder if the comparisons are not just wishful thinking. Best quote of last night “Matt Harvey reminds me of a young Seaver”, courtesy of my Dad.

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