Marcum Heading To NYC To Be Examined By Team Doctors

MMO’s John Delcos is reporting that Shaun Marcum is flying from Port St. Lucie to New York to be examined by team doctors.

“He has some real discomfort running from his shoulder up through his neck,” said manager Terry Collins during his pregame press conference with reporters at Citi Field.

“What that is, where it starts, what’s causing it, I think we won’t know until he sees the doctor tomorrow.”

Collins also said that Marcum is not expected to come off the disabled list and make his first scheduled start of the season on Sunday and toss as many 90 to 95 pitches.

This isn’t looking so good…

Original Post 3/2

Shaun Marcum was unable to pitch in a simulated game today, and so it seems like he’s headed for a stint on the disabled list.

Marcum has already missed nearly a month and received a cortisone shot for a shoulder problem that is separate from this current neck issue. He officially is on the disabled list with biceps tendinitis which is a third health issue he is dealing with.

While that might not surprise you, the Mets’ rotation continues to shrink. Aaron Laffey is the likely candidate to take Marcum’s spot in the rotation on Sunday.

But looking further into the future, the answer is simple: Call up Zack Wheeler.

If the Mets want to wait for the service-time clock to stop ticking, that’s fine. When April 21 hits the calendar, call Wheeler up — especially if he starts his Triple-A season without any setbacks from his oblique strain.

What do you think? Should the Mets call up Wheeler after April 21? What if Marcum is healthy or isn’t healthy, does that change your opinion?

Thoughts from Joe D.

wheeler  ( John Munson Star-Ledger)The more and more I hear rival executives, scouts and coaches say that Zack Wheeler is ready the more I keep leaning toward bringing him up once he’s past the service time issue. If he truly is ready, then what do we have to gain by letting him waste his time in the desert where he will get his bell rung more frequently than not in the hitter friendly PCL?

Who cares about any Super Two ramifications? If Wheeler is as good as everyone says, wouldn’t he be signed to an extension deal that would buy out all his arbitration years anyway? Much like Jon Niese?

I don’t think I can take a back end of the rotation of soft-tossers Dillon Gee, Jeremy Hefner and Aaron Laffey. I can already see opposing offenses licking their chops to get to them. How long do you think that will last?

Is everyone wrong about Wheeler being ready? Was the rival NL scout that said Wheeler throws four pitches and all of them are plus pitches guilty of SUI? (Scouting Under the Influence)

Apparently Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins are the only two people in the Milky Way who think Wheeler isn’t ready to start in the majors and that he has to go lead the minors in pitching and then maybe they’ll consider it. they’ve both made it a point to say Wheeler isn’t MLB-ready a few times each this week alone. Whatever. I don’t but that for a second. This team needs help and it needs it now. Unless you believe Aaron Laffey is a better pitcher than Wheeler, then essentially you’re waving the white flag in April by not bringing up Wheeler in my opinion. It tells me that you’ve already give up on the season.

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