2013 MLB Draft: High School Outfielders Edition


June is approaching mighty fast, and with it is the wonder, buzz, and speculation of players that could be selected in the first round of the 2013 First Year Player Draft.

This year, we have figured to have a large organizational need, and that is in the outfield. The Mets are stocked high and mighty on pitchers, have drafted and signed their share of hitters up the middle (catchers and middle infielders), and have a few solid first and third basemen, but outfield has been the glaring need for the past couple of years. The Mets have had, with Paul Depodesta running the draft, a propensity to draft high school talent in the first round, as they did the past couple of years.

With the present need in mind, as well as the Mets’ recent draft trends, I present to you some of the top high school outfielders that will be available in the 2013 draft, and their scouting reports.

Austin Meadows, Grayson HS (GA), Ht 6-3, Wt 200 B/T L-L

Meadows has five tool potential in hitting, power, speed, arm and fielding, which are all at least average. He is seen as one of the top high school outfielders in the draft, if not the top. He is supposed to be a true center fielder, with plus speed, a plus arm, as well as fantastic bat speed that could play anywhere. Combined with above-average to plus hitting, Meadows also projects to possibly have plus power. He is a lock to go within the top five picks, and is committed to Clemson. In other words, there is little chance he is falling to the Mets.

Clint Frazier, Logansville HS, (GA) Ht 6-1 Wt 190 B/T R-R

Clint Frazier is the outfielder that the Mets are dreaming about. He’s an amazing hitter with at least plus power, plus speed, and garners Mike Trout comparison due to that combination. In his junior year, he led the nation in home runs with 24 in 114 at-bats, and is considered a five tool athlete, like Meadows. Meadows and Frazier should really be 1 and 1A in most rankings due to their ability. Frazier is also a lock to go in the top five picks of the first round, and some project as high as No. 1 overall. He is committed to the University of Georgia.

Trey Ball. New Castle HS (Ind) Ht 6-6 Wt 180 B/T L-L

Ball is considered as the top dual threat of the draft, with an arm from the left side that reaches 92 off the mound. However, many think he has more potential as an outfielder, where he show five tool potential. The biggest question with Ball is his ability to make contact, but he shows above average power, above average speed and a plus arm. He is a possible top ten draft choice this June, either on the mound or in the batter’s box. Ball is committed to The University of Texas.

Dominic Smith, Sierra HS (CA) Ht 6-0 Wt 195 B/T L-L

This Californian could possibly be one of the best hitters in the 2013 draft class. Smith projects more as a first baseman than an outfielder, due to his speed, but could play in a corner outfield position. He has above average contact hitting and above average power. He has above average arm strength, which leads to throwing up to 92 miles per hour on the mound. He is committed to University of Southern California.

Ryan Boldt, Red Wing HS (Minn) Ht 6-1 Wt 190 B/T L-R

Boldt is an outfielder tied to some possible mock drafts with the Mets. An outfielder coming from the cold weather state of Minnesota, Boldt doesn’t have as much experience with baseball as warm weather players, garnering Brandon Nimmo comparisons. He has more of a line-drive approach, and is a patient hitter and could develop at least average power. He profiles as a lead off hitter, and while his last name doesn’t accurately describe his speed, it is still above average, and with seemingly plus instincts on the base paths, should lead to high steal successes. Boldt also has plus instincts in center field. He is committed to the University of Nebraska.

Other top high school outfielders to look for:

Justin Williams

A left-handed hitting outfielder from Louisiana with impressive power but fringy speed. Projects more as a corner outfielder. He produces a lot of swing and misses. Williams has also been tied to mets in some mock drafts.

Matt McPhearson

A Maryland outfielder, McPhearson has top of the scale speed, coming in with an 80 on the 20-80 scouting scale. He is raw at the plate, but has interesting bat speed that could translate into some power.

Terry McClure

A Georgian outfielder with plus speed and possible above average power potential, creating a center fielder with power-speed combination as a possible double-threat offensively.

Ivan Wilson

Another Louisiana outfielder, but with power and speed that will play in right field. Wilson has above average speed and arm strength, and a balanced right-handed swing.

My Analysis

I already know that Meadows and Frazier will not drop to the Mets by any means. They are both locks to go in the top ten overall, if not top five, and I will be very jealous of which teams that get their hands on both of them. Trey Ball is very interesting though, as an athlete, with a plus arm, and as a two-way threat. Ryan Boldt is also intriguing, possibly bringing another raw, but toolsy outfielder such as Brandon Nimmo to the table.

In the later rounds, Justin Williams and his power are intriguing, as well as Maryland native Matt McPhearson. The speculation continues to who the Mets will pick, but possibly, if Ball falls to the Mets, they will choose him, otherwise they might choose Ryan Boldt as a high-risk/high-reward type of player.

This is only the first installment of draft coverage by the Metsmerized team, and if you have any questions regarding the draft or players, please ask in the comment section (I will only respond to respectful questions and comments). My next installment will be determined by the general consensus of what position the readers would like to have analyzed, so share your ideas in the comment section.

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