Valdespin Delivers a Big Hit for Mets When it Counts the Most

valdespin 2

“IT’S OUTTA HERE, A Grand Slam from Valdespin to win the ballgame”, call courtesy of Gary Cohen.

The more and more I watch Jordany Valdespin play, the more I like him.  Yeah I know, he isn’t in the plans and he is not liked.  What is not to like, I mean, he has speed, yes that has been noted, he can play the outfield, yes that has also been noted, and he has a flair for the dramatic, well he proved that last night. I don’t know what it is but he reminds me so much of Jose Reyes and I know I am not alone when I say that. I know that has been written about on previous posts, but maybe, just maybe Valdespin can help people to just forget that Reyes isn’t on the Mets any longer.  Maybe, just maybe, if he continues to play at this level and perform, maybe we can now just focus on him and what he can continue to do for the Mets. Yes we are very early in the season, but if he just gets a chance to play every day, I think he can continue to be the spark the Mets need. I like Tejada, but I really like Valdespin leading off.  Can he do what he did in the game last night again, well we won’t know unless he gets the chance.

The arguments have been that he hasn’t played enough lately. In the last five games, prior to last night’s win in extra innings, he was hitless in 10 at bats and only started in 2 of the 5 games, but last night he put a very good swing on a meat ball pitch and drove it over the wall for a Grand Slam to help the Mets win the game and send everyone home happy.  If he had started last night would he even be in the game in the extra innings.  Maybe or maybe not, but there are many what ifs that can be discussed, but the main thing I feel is that, start this kid, put him out there, give him the opportunity to lose a spot.  Is he an everyday player, well I guess the answer to that question is still out there, but I just love what he brings to the team, his flair and his enthusiasm, which some may hate, but if he continues to produce, who will it really bother.  And I think he just may be misunderstood, he is young, he is a bit cocky, but after that blast last night, I think he can be a bit cocky.

Valdespin will get it; he will understand what it takes to be a player that lasts more than just a season.  But no one can deny the talent that he has and the opportunity to make games exciting.  I think a lot of players were misunderstood in the beginning of their Mets years, but when it counted most they produced and maybe, just maybe Valdespin will continue to do the same.

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