Featured Post: Mets Fans Hope the Dream Can Become a Reality Once Again

willie maysSince the birth of baseball, teams have had one goal for each season and that was to win the championship and allow their fans bragging rights. Many teams have had the honor of not only winning one, but winning the Fall Classic multiple times. But for Mets fans wanting to win more than two and actually doing so, has been an uphill climb for so many years. With so many seasons with near misses, each one seemed to bring some promise that the team would pull it out, but only to be disappointed.

Playing in a huge market like New York, winning baseball is expected by the fans each year which does put a lot of pressure on the ballclub to succeed and we all know that isn’t always the reality in Queens, NY.

As die hard Mets fans, we wait each year for the chance to say that our team is number one, even if the experts feel that the Mets won’t do anything, but “We still believe”. We feel something Amazin can always happen and our guys are going to pull it out.

Our cross-town rival Yankee fans doubt our existence and always claim that they will add to their 27 titles, but we consider ourselves true baseball fanatics, knowledgeable of the game beyond our team and ready to argue with any expert or opponent that feels that we won’t compete each year. Yes, we as fanatics get excited each season when a young stud shows promise or a player brought in by trade or free agency, shows us why the organization spent all the money. We get excited early in the season with the hopes that when September roles around, we are not once again disappointed. Key to our happiness is to make the playoffs, because anything can happen in October baseball.

We as Mets fanatics suffer through the thought that “when will it be our year again and when will our guys put it together and make another magical run”. Our organization has had some great players call Queens, NY their home but there seemed to be something that was in our way of reaching that elusive ring like, winning 92 games in 1987 and because the wild card spot had yet to be created, the team had to settle for finishing second to the St. Louis Cardinals.

beltran wainwrightWhat die-hard Met fan can ever forget the shocking game tying home run by Mike Scioscia in an unlikely spot off Dwight Gooden in the 1988 NLCS; the loss to the Atlanta Braves in 1999 NLCS; the 2000 World Series v. the Yankees with the infamous ball that hit off the top of the fence by Todd Zeile that should have bounced over the wall, but only to come back and prevent us from scoring and watching Carlos Beltran, after a great year, buckle to a crazy curveball to end any hopes of getting back to the World Series. But we move forward and we continue to pray that this year will be the one.

At the end of the day all we want is to live the dream and have it become our reality once again. The life of a Mets fan each and every season is hoping that come November we will be preparing our own ticket tape parade, but with the failures of the past, we can only hope that this year’s bunch will bring it all together and make it work.

Definition of a fanatic on the web – A person who goes beyond the game of baseball to understand the team they root for; someone that lives, breathes, eats and sleeps baseball 24/7; someone that stands by their team through thick and thin and will sell their dog for a big game ticket (joke); someone who would stand up for their team to any critic or opponent and feels only they have the right to criticize their team when it matters most.

We as Mets fanatics fit the definition to a tee and we hope that our dedication helps our team get over the top, but if not, we are prepared once again to review the players and let our organization know who they need to bring in to help us the next season, but doesn’t mean they will listen. In the end, we hope as Mets fans that this year our dream will become our reality once again.

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