Will Ike Davis Be Seeing Stars In 2013?

I was at Citi Field last season, when the Ikeman jacked one onto the Shea Bridge. This kids got light tower power!
I was at Citi Field last season, when the Ike-man jacked one onto the Shea Bridge. Davis has got what I call light-tower-power!

Is there a chance that we could see two Mets all-stars this summer at Citi Field? The more I think about it, the more I am beginning to believe that David Wright might not be the only Mets player in the Midsummer Classic. If Ike Davis can start out this season as he ended last year, then he might have a real shot to make the all-star roster.

The lefty slugged 32 home runs in 2012, and that was in a year marred by his early season battle with Valley Fever and recovering from a serious ankle injury that wiped out his 2011 season. Davis was a force in the Mets lineup during the second half of the season, and quickly became one of the most productive power hitters in the National League; leading the circuit in home runs, slugging and total bases.

From April 5 to July 3, Davis was batting below .200. During that span, which amounted to 76 games, he hit 11 home runs, with 45 RBI, and a slash line of .199/.273/.382. From July 4 on, which covered 80 games, Davis hit 21 home runs, with 45 RBI, and a .254/.340/.537 slash line.

What impressed me the most about the Mets first baseman, was that even though he struggled in the first half, he still showed that he had the knack for driving in runs. He never made any excuses for his struggles, and quietly continued to fight through his troubles. Only last month did he admit that he suffered from severe bouts with fatigue, that was so bad at times he’d just stay in his hotel room after games and rest in bed until the next day due to exhaustion. As the team began to slide out of contention in the second half, Davis’ resurgence was one of the lone bright spots, along with R.A. Dickey‘s Cy Young of course.

With Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder now in the American League, there is an opening on the bench for a backup first baseman. Joey Votto will likely earn the starting gig, but the reserve spot is up for grabs, leaving Davis to contend with the likes of Ryan Howard, Adrian Gonzalez, and Freddie Freeman for an all-star nod. However, if Davis hits 15-20 bombs in the first half of 2013, he should have a real shot at overtaking them and earn his first all-star selection.

How great would it be to have a pair of teammates representing the Mets organization, and show everyone that our lineup has much more to offer than only David Wright in terms of star power?

Davis, 25, is about to enter his peak years and is certainly on the rise. When Ryan Howard inevitably declines, Davis will be entering his prime as the best power hitting first baseman in the NL East. 2013 could be the first of many all-star selections for the Mets’ intense, young cleanup hitter..

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