Who Were the Biggest Winners and Losers for the Mets This Spring?

Collin Cowgill

ClaytonCollin Cowgill is the biggest winner. The guy has yet to see a single pitch for the Mets in the regular season and he already has the number and comparison to a Mets great, not to mention most likely a starting outfield job. My loser is Johan Santana. It could have just as easily been Captain Kirk or Frank Francisco, but when R.A. Dickey was traded, everyone in the baseball world knew the Mets were relying on Johan to anchor the rotation, including him. He knew he had to step it up and didn’t. Now Jeremy Hefner is a regular in the rotation and the Mets are left with a $25 million pitcher on the DL.

Connor – Winners are Collin Cowgill and Zack Wheeler. Losers are Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Brandon Hicks.

Joe S.Lucas Duda has to be the biggest loser considering the current lack of talent, depth, hope, in the Mets outfield. Duda blowing this chance is like having the winning lottery ticket and putting it through the wash. The biggest winner I would say is Cowgill. He may be the flavor of the month and he may fizzle like a flat open bottle of Pepsi on a hot summer day, but he’s the closest thing to a Pepsi in an outfield of Fanta.

Satish – Biggest Loser has to be Frank Francisco. He drew the ire of the entire fanbase last season and he needed to come in and impress, or at least provide some good vibes. It may not necessarily be his fault, but he is not winning over anybody with his inability to pitch right now. This also somewhat applies to Johan Santana, but the media blew that whole thing up so much, I feel a little bad for the guy. Biggest winner might just be Jordany Valdespin, who showed up and played like a gamer. His character still remains under question, but man, can he play.

jordany-valdespin- mets

Vinny B. – The biggest winner in Mets camp is Jordany Valdespin who has been tearing it up this spring. Many people believed he was destined to be sent down to AAA or to the bench, but his performance this spring gives him a legitimate chance to win a starting job. The biggest loser is Kirk Nieuwenhuis. He was the favorite to win the starting CF position, but his horrid .056 batting average this spring and the knee injury he suffered early this month has hurt his chances of being the Mets starting center fielder.

Adam R. – I’d say Valdespin has solidified himself as the biggest winner, going from possibly being the 25th man on the roster to being the starting CF in a span of three weeks. Whether or not he can sustain that success into the regular season is another story, though I do think he and Cowgill could provide a decent platoon. Sticking with the same position, I’m going to go ahead and say Kirk is the biggest loser. He’s going to lose not only the starting CF duties, but he probably won’t even make the Opening Day roster. Injuries have nagged him his entire pro career, so he really needs to get healthy and stay healthy if he ever wants a real opportunity.

XtreemIcon – Biggest winner is Marlon Byrd. He went from scrap head, minor league signing to a great spring and an Opening Day lineup. The biggest loser is Kirk. Once a well-thought of prospect, he’s going to turn 25 right after Opening Day and he was outplayed by several scrapheap acquisitions.

Dan V. – Jeremy Hefner is the biggest winner, since the issues with Santana were not expected. The biggest loser is Frank Francisco, as I believe the Mets were looking for a reason to bump him from the closer role in favor of Parnell. His injury provided them the opportunity to see, once and for all, what Parnell can do.


Jessica – The biggest winner coming out of spring training has to be Jon Niese. He already looks solid going into the season, and I’m so glad he’s getting the ball Opening Day – he deserves it! The biggest loser is Johan Santana. I may unfairly put him here, but he had expectations of himself and the team had expectations for him to pitch Opening Day. He hasn’t reached that goal and now may start the season on the DL. Maybe relaxing this winter wasn’t the best idea.

Elliot – Biggest Winner: Cowgill. Went from a platoon at the start of camp and looks like he could easily start. Biggest Loser: Baxter. His lack of hitting may cost him a roster spot in its entirety.

Matthew B. – Biggest winner: Jordany Valdespin, Biggest loser: Kirk Nieuwenhuis

Daniel N. – I’d say Jonathon Niese is the biggest winner so far. He’s been pitching great in Spring Training and with Johan Santana’s situation, Niese is billed for opening day. With that being said, I think Santana has been competing for biggest loser. He’s gone from the obvious Opening Day nod to opening the season on the DL. It was hard to see that one coming.

Gregg H. – I would have to say the biggest winner so far this spring is Jordany Valdespin. He appears to be a lock to make the club, and he has erased a lot of questions about whether he’d make the team. As far as biggest loser, well there are a few: Sandy Alderson for not improving the outfield, Dan Murphy for missing most of the spring, Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Mike Baxter for not hitting this spring. There are lost of losers.

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