Trading Daniel Murphy Could Benefit The Mets

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‘Spin Watch 2013 rolls on with another multi-hit game against the Houston Astros.

I don’t know how many different ways I can say “Jordany Valdespin’s numbers have been impressive this spring.” He’s now batting .348/.388/.996. He also leads the team in hits (16), home runs (4), RBIs (9) and runs scored (8). He’s been so impressive, in fact, that Terry Collins’ latest comments about the young out-second-field-baseman have been nothing but complimentary.

Joe D made a post about Collins’ optimism on Valdespin leading off as well as his attitude. It’s about time the guy gets some respect. Committing to him is the right move. Now it’s just a matter of where to play him in the field.

I have an idea. Are you sitting down? Trade Daniel Murphy and play Valdespin at second base.

I know. It’s such a blasphemous request for me to make. I think Murph’s a good player, but that’s a contributing factor in my request.

Last season, the Mets turned down an offer from the San Diego Padres that would have sent right-handed relief pitcher Luke Gregerson to the Mets for Murphy. At the time, I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but now it makes a bit more sense. Murphy for a bullpen arm sounds a lot more appealing these days—maybe an established left hander. I don’t doubt there’s a lack of desire for a guy like Murphy. That kind of move would give Valdespin the opportunity to develop into an everyday second baseman.

Collins alluded to Valdespin playing so well he could take Lucas Duda’s spot, which gives me this queasy feeling that they would trade Ike Davis, move Duda to first base and have Valdespin play left field. It’s a radical concept, but trading Murphy would eliminate that half-baked idea from my head immediately.

Despite the flak the Mets’ outfield has endured this offseason, I think freeing up another spot is a good thing. It gives the Mets a chance to experiment with some different outfield combinations. Every once in a while you can mix Valdespin into the outfield (to keep his 2B and OF eligibility in fantasy baseball).

Young guys seem to have taken the reins of the Mets. It’s looking like a modern take on a 1986 classic—a remix, if you will. The Mets have guys like Matt Harvey, who wants to win at all cost. They have top prospects like Travis d’Arnaud, who is slowly proving that he can hit Major League-pitching. They have guys that are proving they can be who we expected them to be like Davis and Jonathon Niese. And who could forget Captain America?

Valdespin has done everything we all could have hoped for thus far. Let’s hope he can keep it going.