Top 5 American League Promotional Giveaways In 2013

Professional sports franchises have been trying to reward fans for coming to their game for almost 70 years.

The game, whether it’s baseball, basketball, football or hockey is always the number one attraction for any consumer to walk through the gates. In 1941, Bill Veeck started to bring a different point of view. What if the game wasn’t the only entertainment?

In 1941, Veeck was a part of a group that purchased the Milwaukee Brewers of the American Assn. Veeck and his manager Charley Grimm put their heads together to come up with themes and gimmicks that would turn the Brewers into one of the most successful (and entertaining) minor league franchises.

Veeck took the game seriously though as well. Veeck is widely known as the man who signed Larry Doby, the first African American man to play in the American League.

Later on, his son, Mike Veeck would put his stamp on the game in 1979 when Disco Demolition Night demolished the record books for one night in Chicago.

Since the Veeck’s put their personal marketing stamp on the game, every major sport and minor league baseball does their best to not only entertain their fans beyond the game – but get some quality media exposure for doing so.

Some of the greatest promotions and giveaways occur when current events take everybody’s attention in the news. Which team will be the first to act and find a way to capitalize on current events?

But, with the season just around the corner, many teams have finalized their promotional schedules. In our first installment, we’ll take a look at the top 5 promotions the American League has to offer in 2013.

carlos delgado

Toronto Blue Jays – Carlos Delgado Day: On July 21st Blue Jays fans will receive a commemorative Carlos Delgado baseball. The Blue Jays will honor Carlos Delgado by adding him to the Toronto Blue Jays Level of Excellence.

Baltimore Orioles – Alumni Series:  Before every Monday and Thursday home game, fans are invited to meet some of their favorite former Orioles, as select O’s Alumni will sign autographs.

Chicago White Sox – Mullet Night & Fireworks: This crazy combo will be held on June 28. As somebody who has grown tired of fireworks, when you sprinkle in Mullets, you had me at hello.

Seattle Mariners – Beard Hat Night: This promotion, which takes place on April 26, could be epic if the Mariners signed closer Brian Wilson. The hat is a ski cap that has a bottom face cover that looks like a beard. It’s pretty pointless, but I bet they will have a lot of fun with this item.

Oakland A’s – Coco Lean Bobblehead: If you remember the 2012 Oakland A’s would celebrate by doing a Weekend at Bernie’s like lean-back. Oakland capitalized on this and found a way to put it into a bobblehead. Almost anything you can imagine has been done with a bobblehead – this hasn’t. Get yours on June 29.

In our next installment we’ll focus on the National League before diving into the Minor Leagues!

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