Mets Spring Training in 140 Characters

Ah yes, today’s stories can be summed up in 140 characters or less — if you live and work in the #Twitter universe.

For New York Mets fans this means direct access to Ike Davis, Justin Turner, Zack Wheeler, Matt Harvey, Jordany Valdespin and even Mets GM Sandy Alderson … well, sometimes, Alderson posted a tweet in August, took a six-month hiatus, then posted another tweet as Spring Training camp opened. I guess access is a relative term.

But there is some cool banter going on between players and fans as Spring Training hits full stride. This week we heard from the injured (Zack Wheeler and Pedro Feliciano), we were blessed by some gibberish from Jordany Valdespin (I don’t know a word of Spanish) and a couple oddball tweets from Mets VP of PR Jay Horwitz. Didn’t anyone pick up on his subtle message last night?

Here are the weekly highlights of Mets-related activity on Twitter:

Zack Wheeler thanked fans for all the encouraging tweets after he injured his oblique this week. Hey, that rhymed, didn’t it?

Collin McHugh placed his bat order today with Louisville Slugger and later tweeted about the experience. I though pitchers always took a bat from one of the hitters stock? Times have changed.

Mets PR guy Jay Hortwitz continues to “butt dial” players and team management — or so he is leading us to believe on his Twitter account. If, by chance, this is a legitimate claim, the problem is really easy to fix: stop putting your smartphone in your back pocket.

Jordany Valdespin … I have no idea!?

Matt denDekker hasn’t sent a Tweet in two weeks; Travis d’Arnaud three weeks. Do you think it’s coincidence that both players last names start with a lowercase “d” and they are slack on Twitter? Just thinking out loud. I will leave you with this thought — another tweet from Jay Horwitz last night:

Is Horwitz trying to tell us something?

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