Mets Need Harvey and d’Arnaud to Become a Dynamic Tandem

Matt Harvey in PSL (Photo credit: Larry Marano, NY Post)

There’s a twinge of anticipation this morning as Matt Harvey gets the ball today against the Miami Marlins.Stephen Strasburg is an exceptional talent in Washington, but in Harvey the Mets also have a young arm this franchise can build around.

If there’s one thing the Mets are noted for it is the development of young pitchers. Tom SeaverJerry KoosmanNolan RyanDwight Gooden and now Harvey.

How long, or now successful he will become is one of baseball’s delightful mysteries because this could be the start of something special.

“I am excited about getting the chance to work and grow with him,’’ said catching prospect Travis d’Arnaud, who isn’t in the lineup today against the Marlins “It has been fun so far.’’

Harvey is coming off a start in which he and d’Arnaud were crossed up, but there was a show of poise on both parts as they met at the mound to get their signs correct.

“It’s a matter of trust,’’ d’Arnaud said. “He has to trust what I put down, and he has to trust himself that it is the right pitch.’’

It was frequently last year for Harvey, who made such an impression in ten starts that he’s already penned in to the rotation.

“I’m just working off of last year,’’ Harvey told reporters after his last start. “The last three starts I had during the season were pretty good and that’s the biggest thing now, just keeping that going and trying to remember what I did when things were good.’’

Good is a word not recently associated with the Mets or their pitching.

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