Piazza Denies Taking Steroids, Expresses Disappointment In Hall Voting

Long Shot Mike PiazzaIn his first interview since being denied first-ballot entry into the Hall of Fame, Mike Piazza spoke candidly with David Waldstein of the New York Times ahead of the release of his autobiography, Long Shot, due out on February 11.

In the book, Piazza admits to using androstenedione as part of a supplement pack until the outcry over Mark McGwire’s use of it forced him to phase it out. He flatly denies ever using steroids.

“It shouldn’t be assumed that every big hitter of the generation used steroids,” Piazza says.

Naturally, Piazza was disappointed that he wasn’t elected to baseball’s Hall of Fame this year.

“I won’t deny there is some disappointment, but I understand it’s a process.”

If Yogi Berra and Joe DiMaggio did not make it on their first ballots, Piazza says he is in no position to complain.

“I don’t have an ax to grind, I don’t have a bone to pick with people,” he told Waldstein, “I wrote this book because I had a very interesting life and a very interesting career. I wanted to be very positive and say, ‘man, I am so blessed. I had a great run.’”

Always a class act. That’s Mike Piazza.

I plan to read his autobiography when it comes out next week. In his book he also discusses his feelings about Bobby Valentine, why things soured in Los Angeles, and of course his run-ins with Roger Clemens. Although I’m mostly looking forward to reading about his glory years with the Mets, the post 9/11 home run and the 2000 post season.