Thoughts On the New York Mets and Amway Business Center at Citi Field

Last season, the New York Mets answered the pleas of Mets fans everywhere and gave us the blue walls we so desperately wanted at Citi Field.

As a show of good faith, this season, the Mets have graciously decided to add a matching blue awning to go with the blue outfield walls… And the best part is that we didn’t even have to beg for it… Ain’t she a pretty site?

I know what you’re thinking right now… Huh? What? Hummina, Hummina, Hummina…

Seriously, who makes these business decisions for the Mets? With Uncle Bernie behind bars I really thought all of our troubles were over… I really thought better decisions would come out of that whole ordeal… But no, instead we decide to go out with the Ponzi Schemes and in with the Pyramid Schemes…

Maybe I’m being to rambunctious, maybe I’m overreacting, and maybe I’m jumping the gun a little bit… So let try to be somewhat fair… After all, a little objectivity never hurt anybody, right?

So here is what Amway’s main website has to say about this new Amway Business Center At Citi Field:

The Amway™ Business Center at Citi Field is a dynamic, one-of-a-kind facility. It was created to provide all IBOs with a dedicated space to freely connect, learn new valuable insights, and share the exciting Amway opportunity with prospects. From reserving meeting rooms to learning about upcoming training events – everything you want to know about the Business Center can be found on this page. Just be sure to check back often for new and exciting announcements!

Seems harmless enough, right? Who the hell am I kidding, this whole idea wreaks like the Staten Island landfill on 98 degree day. I’ve read and heard everything I need to know about this, and there’s no getting around the fact that it was an awful decision. What the hell was the thought process here?

Mike Francesa actually defended the decision or better yet, took a very stand-offish approach.

“Nobody has had a problem for 25 years with Amway co-founder Rich DeVos owning the Orlando Magic,” Francesa said this afternoon. “Nobody has ever said a peep about it. Nobody on the Knicks has ever said `I’m not going to go play at the Amway Center because Amway is a bad company.'”

He’s right about that, but these are the Mets we’re talking about who are in desperate need of an image transplant.

You mean to tell me that of the thousands of businesses you could have partnered with to have a storefront at your ballpark, this was the best you could do? Amway? Really?

Why not a Kinko’s Business Center, or a FedEx Business Center? I mean what about any Business Center, bodega, or chop-shop in the freaking world! Anything, but Amway!

Let me take a deep breath… (Calm down, Joe…)

Let me see if there’s something beneficial here from the Mets perspective, one stinking positive we can take away from this new Mets debacle…  Aside from the millions of dollars this must have netted them, of course.

Nope… Sorry… Nada… No Dice… I can’t find one damn good reason for this half-baked, ill-conceived, monstrosity of a decision.

But wait, there is one good reason… POLISH!

gray bar spacer polish 2  polish

For a team that is always looking to polish their brand and their image, I hear that Amway manufactures some of the greatest polishes money can buy. Did you know, that I happen to be pretty good friends with an Amway distributor? (Not really!)

Maybe I can put the two of you in touch and he can he sell you a bottle?

What about your grandmother, can he sell her a bottle?

Well how about you give me the names of five people you work with and then maybe he can sell them a few bottles?

You get the idea…


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