DiComo: Mets Keep Their Cursed 11th Overall Pick

This comment from Anthony DiComo of MLB.com, kind of put things into perspective for me, or at the very least it gives one pause to consider what just happened tonight.

So what exactly did the Mets fight to keep? The 11th overall Draft pick has a bizarre history of busts relative to the picks around it. Of the 48 players in history taken 11th overall, only five have amassed more than 10 Wins Above Replacement, according to Baseball Reference (though two of them, Andrew McCutchen and Max Scherzer, are active and in their primes).

Seventeen of the 48 players never made the Majors, and 10 of those who did finished with negative career WAR.

Wow, I feel like someone just poured a bucket of ice water over my head.

As DiComo concludes, the Mets may fare a whole lot better with the 11th overall pick this year as compared to the last 48 years of the draft, but seriously, what an eye-opener.

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