Dice-K Talking With Mets? Not So Fast…


Updated by Joe D.

Here we go again…

Last month’s rumor that Daisuke Matsuzaka was being courted by the Mets, as reported by Hochi Shimbun from a Japanese newspaper, is making the rounds again today.

This rumor was already shot down by the Mets two weeks ago, when a team source immediately disputed the report by Shimbun to ESPN.

Moments after the rumor appeared on various sites, a Mets source told ESPN New York that he does not believe the organization has spoken with Matsuzaka at all.

Why this is being resurrected today is beyond me.

I also don’t get why nobody is mentioning that the team has already denied this from the start?

Slow news day I guess…

Enjoy the game….

Updated 1/17  10:50 AM

I just got an earful and a good lesson as to why Joe D. frowns upon blog sourced rumors that no other beat writer touches. Lesson learned, never again. :-/

Never mind what you read below, the Mets denied it.

Original Post 1/17 9:20 AM

MetsBlog passes along that former Red Sox starter Daisuke Matsuzaka told Hochi Shimbun that he is now talking with the Mets, Indians and Marlins, though other teams have expressed interest in signing him this winter.

Dice-K prefers to sign a big-league contract with incentives. However, it is also likely he ends up signing a minor-league deal or could return to pitch in Japan.

Matsuzaka struggled after returning from Tommy John surgery in 2012, going a 1-7 with an 8.28 ERA and 1.71 WHIP in 11 starts for the Red Sox, but Matt Cerrone likes the idea because it will create some excitement:

I like the idea of the Mets signing Dice-K to a minor-league deal, assuming he’ll accept it. The buzz around Matsuzaka is that he wanted to either pitch in San Diego or Japan. However, after pitching in Boston in the A.L. East, he might benefit from moving to a pitcher’s park in the National League. He’s had a series of bizarre, random injuries. If he’s healthy, he’s intriguing, plus he’d add a little buzz to this team, which they’re clearly missing… among other things.

I don’t think it’s a good idea and even if you do pitch in pitcher’s park, it still requires solid skills and performance from a starter. Besides what about when he’s on the road?

As far as creating a buzz, I’m not so sure that Die-K would bring that at this stage of his career and the last think we need is a sideshow.