Alderson: The Future Is Not That Far Off

The FutureWhile talking to reporters at a luncheon at Citi Field, Sandy Alderson said that the future of the Mets is almost at hand and that they can become very competitive, very soon with just a move or two.

“We’re getting to the point where we can be in the mix,” Alderson said on Monday. “I don’t want anybody to believe this is a long-term project that has no possible realization anytime soon. We’re at the point where we can make significant improvement in a hurry.”

He believes that signing a player of Bourn’s caliber could help change the franchise’s perception around the league and that negotiations are still ongoing.

Can adding a player like Bourn change the perception of the franchise just like that? What are the odds?

“I don’t think it’s a leap of faith to think we can be very good,” Alderson said. “It’s not that far off. This is not one of those things where, ‘Okay, gee, they’re two, three, four years away.’ No, we’ve got the currency, which is the young talent, to be in play for some of these things and we’re not that far away.”

It sounds like Alderson feels confident that the team’s minor league system, which has moved up in recent rankings by ESPN, MLB and BA, is at a point where he can deal some parts to fill other voids and organizational needs.

It may have sounded far-fetched when Alderson said the team would be ready to contend in 2014 back when he first took the reins. But one must admit that there are now many tell-tale signs that the team is in the midst of possible reversal of misfortunes after four straight losing seasons. Spearheaded by trades of popular players for two of the best prospects in baseball, along with the development of many low level prospects he inherited from the previous front office, it all seems to be coming together for the Mets.