Short Shots: Mets Wiggling Back In, Best Bullpen: Braves Or Nationals?

giancarlo stanton

The more I keep saying that there’s no chance in hell that the Mets will trade for Justin Upton or Giancarlo Stanton, the more I keep reading stuff like this:

However, if you’re a Mets fan who wants Upton (or Jason Kubel) now, root for Michael Bourn to a take a one-year deal with the Braves, and root for teams like the Rangers and others to hold off for Stanton. In that scenario, I suppose it’s possible the Mets could wiggle back in. – Matt Cerrone, MetsBlog

Wiggle back in? When the heck were the Mets ever in?

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After the Washington Nationals added Rafael Soriano to their bullpen, I emailed ESPN’s Mark Simon and asked him this:

I have a non Mets question for you… Now that the Nats have Soriano is it safe to say the two best bullpens in the game are in the NL East; Braves and Nats? Which bullpen is more formidable?

Wow, that’s a hard one.

7th inning – Walden vs Clippard is a push. Clippard was not good at end of last season … I wanted the Mets to get Walden, who I think has a lot of upside. But he has a little ways to go to be really good.

8th inning – Venters vs Storen – I like Venters a lot… I think he was a little unlucky last season … slight edge Braves.

9th inning – Kimbrel vs Soriano – Big edge Braves

So I’d say Braves if we’re going big 3 vs big 3.

I’d have to agree… The Braves still have the best bullpen…

The Mets… They still have Frank Francisco…  But word is we have Joe Saunders on our radar… Aim high…

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