MMO Mailbag: Is Hamilton Bennett The 2013 Josh Edgin?

Hamilton Bennett

Hitman asks:

What are the chances of Hamilton Bennett being this upcoming season’s Josh Edgin when it comes to making the jump through AA & AAA? Here’s a 24 year old lefty that, like Edgin, has done a great job the previous 2 seasons in Savannah & PSL. Last season, although he had trouble vs right handed hitters (.270, 3.78 ERA Vs RHBs), if his 2nd half isn’t any indication (1-2, 1.53 ERA), he could be someone to keep an eye on come Spring Training.

Sean Kenny replies:

The numbers for Hamilton Bennett do look good, especially when viewed through the RH/LH splits line, and he could expect a promotion to Double-A to start the year. However, just because he is doing so well at the low level does not guarantee he will be the Mets next LOOGY.

As it is, the 2013 team barring any spectacular performances out of Spring Training will feature Edgin as the defacto LOOGY out of the pen, with Carson and Laffey the primary challengers. Tim Byrdak is still signed for the Mets, but depending on the length of his rehab he will either be seen later in 2013, or not at all.

Bennett has done wonders statistically in the lower levels, but comparing his relative age, he was older than any other prospect, and upon beginning the 2013 season will finally be in a league where he meets the median age. Double-A is the hardest jump for both pitchers and hitters, so seeing how he is utilized at the second step before the big leagues will be a big telling point.

Do I think Hamilton Bennett could be a useful MLB piece as exclusively a LOOGY in 2013? Unlikely, but for 2014 there is a chance he could become a much more viable option with the lack of any LHP in the system, less infact starters who project better as LOOGY’s. This season will be the true test, with his expected arrival in Binghamton.