MMO Fan Shots: I Hope This Means The Mets Are Back In The Steak Aisle

omar minaya

DrDooby says:

Omar Minaya wasn’t a great GM.

However, he also wasn’t a terrible GM.

He did what he was asked to do, i.e. build a quick fix winner, while swimming in cash and having two inexpensive young building blocks in Wright & Reyes.

Yes, he did at the cost of future payrolls – but he couldn’t foresee the collapse of Bernie Madoff’s scheme either I suppose, so while the 2nd half of his tenure was filled with dubious contracts, he thought he had the money.

Also, the farm system he inherited was terrible.

He built up a nice Latin American talent pipeline that will benefit the Mets for years to come. He did underestimate how long it´d take for that talent to get here though.

Likewise he ignored high upside prospects in the draft and went for low risk – but often low ceiling signings. Thus your current 2013 Mets roster, filled with lots of solid young players without much upside – save for Matt Harvey, a college pick that looks great and Jon Niese, one of the rare HS pitchers picked under Minaya´s watch.

The role players he added to the major league roster initially worked out well – then he lost his Midas touch and got mostly crap to fill out an aging roster during the 2nd half of his tenure – save for R.A. Dickey, of course.

I hate dividing the world in black & white, good or evil, with us or against us. In Minaya´s case, the truth is somewhere in between. He was neither the architect of longterm Mets greatness nor the village idiot who spent the rest of the Wilpons´ fortunes.

Hotstreak says:

Jeff Wilpon has a big sign in his office;
“Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Refinanced Dad”

Sandy Alderson has a big sign in his office.
“Retirement Days, 270 and Counting as Mission Accomplished”

Fred Wilpon has a sign that says:
“A Billion Dollar Legacy”

Scott Boras has a sign that says;
”I hope this means the Mets are back in the steak aisle”

Short Shots: 

Damaja referred to MetsBlog as the Book of Matthew in one of the comments today. I must admit I nearly choked on my bagel this morning when I read it. I reference MetsBlog all the time, but now I’m strongly considering using the words “According to the Book of Matthew” for all future references. I kid, I kid…

Several readers and writers wanted to know why MMO is never recognized for any annual Mets Police awards (The Mazzys). The only thing I could think of is that he’s pissed off because we still occasionally post images with Mets players wearing black uniforms or the hybrid caps. And that we didn’t believe they had anything to do with the Mets’ decision to bring Banner Day back and the team confirmed it. No, but seriously, our community here is the best award any site can have. 500+ comments a day or a Mazzy? Hmm, that’s a tough one.

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