MMO Fair Or Foul: Why Not Start 2014 A Little Earlier?


Metsmerized is all about representing the whole of the Mets fan base, not just the ones who worship Sandy or those who don’t, and not just the ones who dominate Twitter and those fans who don’t. Eight in ten Mets fans I ask don’t even have Twitter accounts and look at me like I have ten heads when I ask. That said, yesterday I presented an argument from Jon Presser of The Shea Nation on why we shouldn’t go after free agent outfielder Michael Bourn. Today I bring you a reason why as presented by The Bitter Bill of the Daily News.

Wheeler Tosses Complete Game Shutout For First AAA Win

The Mets may be content to have Zach Wheeler start the season in Las Vegas, but the young pitcher’s agent, apparently doesn’t believe that.

In a tweet that was retweeted to the masses by Adam Rubin (you still following this), Al Goetz, Wheeler’s’ agent said, “If the Mets have 5 starters better than what I saw today from @Wheelerpro45, they will win the East. #bigleagueready

Ok, the guy is his agent, so of course he has a a horse in the race, but assuming this guy isn’t blowing smoke up you know where (that’s a big assumption), you have to be fired up. Ok, it’s not as if the Mets starting 5 as of Jan. 25 is Gooden, Darling, Ojeda, El Sid and Aguilera, but if Wheeler is already on par with or better than Harvey, Niese and Gee, the future – dare I say it – may actually be as bright as we think it is.

Which leads me back to Michael Bourn. If Harvey is going to pitch a full season, if Wheeler is going to be up sometime in June (maybe sooner), if d’Arnaud is going to be here, why not start 2014 a bit earlier? I have to admit, I haven’t looked real hard at the FA list for 2014, but you figure if there are some big names on it, the Mets will go after them, but so will everyone else. Ya think the Yankees will take two winters off in a row? Bourn is out there, and it seems to be at a reasonable price, Yes, the 2013 Mets may still stink with him around, but at least another stepping stone to the future will be here.

You can read Bill Price’s full article here.

For those of you who see 2014 as the magic year, maybe the Price is right. Those of you who still believe we are years away from a championship, may think otherwise. I myself, don’t have a particular bias toward getting Bourn or not. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t excite me as much as some of the younger options that were previously available –  and had much more upside. I guess those other players spoiled me a little.

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