MMO Exchange: The CBA, Comp Picks, Equilibrium vs. Gattaca

I'll work for peanuts.
I’ll work for peanuts.

Believe it or not, most of what we write on MMO you never actually see here on the site. Some of the best writing takes place in our daily email exchanges that are ongoing throughout the day and never stop. For example, ere are a few typical exchanges:

Qualifying Offers Are Evil

This one started when I was looking to pick a fight on the pros and cons of the qualifying offer, an integral part of the new MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Joe: Do any of you have opposing views on how the new CBA with regard to qualifying offers have impacted free agency either negatively or positively, depending on your point of view?

Jessep: I’d be shocked if we did. The main issue I have with it is the loopholes… the potential for sign/trade and then the fact the Mets are punished because the Pirates couldn’t sign Appel.

Xtreem: Agreed. I think we feel the same way. The other element is the way it impacts free agents. Draft pick compensation and the allotted slot money is coveted. It’s why such absurd contracts have been handed out to guys like Ross, Sanchez and E-Jax (no pick attached) and Swisher (Indians were protected, and teams like the Rangers and Mariners who were linked to him passed) and why Swish chose Cleveland instead of a team with a better chance of winning, because he had no other options. That team wasn’t going to make him an offer for fear of losing the pick. It’s why Lohse and Bourn and Soriano are still FAs.

Small market teams are screwed every which way because the firm, set-in-stone qualifying offer of $13.3 mil doesn’t help small market teams, because none of them are generally in a position to offer that kind of cash to attach a pick to their player and on the other hand, it dramatically increases the going rate of FAs not tied to draft picks. Sanchez and Jackson signed for more dollars than Josh Hamilton. When would that EVER have happened? Victorino, a platoon player at this point, and Napoli, useless unless he’s DHing against LHP, each took in $39 mil. No draft picks attached. And they went to a big market team who can afford to overpay to keep their pick. Incidentally Boston is protected. That’s how much they covet their SECOND round pick, let alone their first. I don’t think the loophole will work because of the collusion aspects.

Gattaca vs. Equilibrium

Satish: Off topic, either of you like the movie Gattaca?

Sean: Solid movie, good premise. Plus, Jude Law was the Gosling of the 90’s-early 2000’s

Joe: Last night I watched Equilibrium for like the fifth time. Was Gattaca better, same or worse than that?

Sean: Gattaca = predetermined Darwinism at birth, so if you aren’t the best of the best, you are bound to crap jobs. Equilibrium = art bad, Christian Bale good, Taye Diggs slightly worse. Clericz 4 life…etc.

Joe: As for Gattaca vs Equilibrium, obviously you have a disdain for totalitarianism in a futuristic society and it biased your opinion on this matter.

Satish: You missed out Joe. I rather liked that movie, it was on last night.

Sean: Batman wouldn’t let that shit fly. That’s all I’m saying. Taye Diggs would’ve been hanging by his ankle with a lisping man explaining why that’s wrong.

Joe: It appears to me that your main problem lies with Taye Diggs, that treacherous Cleric who was sliced up like a California Roll in a Sushi Bar by the heroic John Preston who single-handedly conquered that oppressive world order. Even a creature of the night like Batman can see the virtue in that.


I win.
Joe D. wins.
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