Mets Still Seeking A Starter, Using Citi Field and Guaranteed Spot For Bait


Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog is reporting that The Mets are still looking for a veteran starting pitcher, who they will most likely sign off the free-agent market.

This winter, the Mets have been most linked in rumors to Shaun Marcum, Joe Saunders, Carl Pavano and Chris Young, though Jair Jurrjens, Kyle Lohse, Derek Lowe and Daisuke Matsuzaka, among others, are also available.

From what I can gather, the Mets are looking to give only a one-year deal. They have the money to pay any of the above, but they would prefer not to give out a long-term contract. They’re using New York City, their pitcher’s park and a guaranteed spot in the rotation as bait.

Personally, I like Shaun Marcum and Kyle Lohse the best out of that group, but lets get serious here, there’s no way in hell the Mets can afford either of them. Additionally, Lohse would cost the Mets a first round draft pick so why he’s even being mentioned as an option is beyond me.

The others are all huge question marks that could end up backfiring on the Mets. Plus they are all seeking multi-year deals and I just don’t think any of them are worth it, especially with Zack Wheeler knocking at the door.

It seems like everyday one or more of these pitchers are being reported on by MetsBlog so I assume the interest is genuine and that’s what their sources are telling them. That really scares me.

At this point I wouldn’t be upset if we ended up just having Jenrry Mejia, Jeurys Familia and Aaron Laffey battle it out for the fifth starter role this Spring. Ideally, they’ll only be holding the spot down for six to eight weeks anyway until Wheeler is ready. We’re still rebuilding, aren’t we?

I would have been okay with spending $2.5 million on a John Lannan and taking a flyer on him. But to spend anywhere between $8-12 million annually on those other options? No thanks.

One more thing… I doubt very much that pitching for the Mets, or in Citi Field, or having a guaranteed spot could be construed as bait for any of those pitchers.

Until things change or improve drastically, the Mets are anything but an attractive option for any of these free agents. The only real bait the Mets have is overpaying players to come here.