J10K – Mets VP Hits The Mark On Twitter

Updated by Joe D. at Midnight

Jay Horwitz, did it. Without about 40 minutes to spare, he surpassed 10,000 followers and won his bet with Jeff Wilpon.

Now it’s on Jeff Wilpon to pay the piper on Monday and make a donation to the charity of Jay’s choice.

Way to go, Jay!.

Original Post by Clayton Collier at 7:35 PM

Help Mets VP of Media Relations Jay Horwitz get to 10,000 fans by midnight!

Follow him on Twitter at @Jay_HorwitzPR and if he makes it, Jeff Wilpon will donate to a charity of Jay’s choosing.

As of 7:35 PM Jay has 6,290 followers. Think he can make it to 10K in under 4 hours and 25 minutes?

And before you say it, someone already made the joke:

Mets joke tweet

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