Is It Time For Mets To Lock Up Ike Davis?

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Taskmaster asks:

We know Niese was signed long term in ST last season and the idea of locking up the young guys is a model that is being followed. I am not sure the Mets are 100% sold on Ike yet but they are certainly leaning that way. My question is when do we see Ike given a LT contract that locks him up for 5-7 years?

Jessep replies:

For me, I think Ike has a lot to prove in 2013. The excuses of being rusty due to the prior injury or valley fever are now gone. He has to have a strong season in 2013 for the Mets to consider him a long term solution at 1B.

With regards to Niese, he was signed to a deal that takes him through his 30th birthday without the Mets ever having to go through arbitration with him.

With Davis, he will turn 26 just prior to Opening Day this year. So technically, the Mets know he’s under team control until he turns 30 years old just like Niese. The difference here is that Niese is a young left-handed starting pitcher on the rise, and Davis is a young  first baseman with something to prove.

It really all depends on the value of the deal. Neither deal would be necessary to keep the player on the Mets, it’s just a matter of where you project arbitration going with that player.

If I had to guess, 2013 will make or break this for Davis. If he has a solid year, I think he could be rewarded with guaranteed money over the next 3 seasons with an option at the end of the deal.

I wouldn’t say it’s something they need to do right now though.

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