Heyman: Mets Still Have Plenty Of Dollars To Spend

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According to a tweet from CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman, the Mets have quite a bit of dollars left to spend. Heyman says the team is still looking to add an outfielder, a starting pitcher and a bullpen arm.

Last week I answered a question about how much the Mets had to spend, and I speculated around $20-25 million.

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I received a question from Elliot Lowenstein that asks:

Why do you keep mentioning that the Mets have $25 million to spend this offseason. I’ve not seen that mentioned anywhere else and instead I only ready that the Sandy Alderson has little if anything to spend just like in his first two offseasons. I would appreciate a reply. Thanks.

Thanks for the question, and apologies for the delay in responding. Lets break it down by comparing last year’s payroll figure as compared to where it stands right now. Remember that things could still happen between now and opening day, but for now we can determine and calculate a realistic dollar amount as to what we can or cannot spend.

In 2012, Mets payroll came in at about $95 million dollars.

Projected Mets 2013 Opening Day Roster


John Buck – $6 million
Anthony Recker – $500,000


Ike Davis – $2.5 million (arb)
Daniel Murphy – $2.5 million (arb)
Ruben Tejada – $500,000
David Wright – $8 million (Deferred $3MM to aid team this offseason)
Justin Turner – $500,000
Brandon Hicks – $500,000


Lucas Duda – $500,000
Mike Baxter – $500,000
Kirk Nieuwenhuis – $500,000
Collin Cowgill – $500,000
Jordany Valdespin – $500,000
*Jason Bay – $6 million

Starting Pitchers

Johan Santana – $31 million (Includes 2014 $5.5MM buyout)
Jon Niese – $3 million
Matt Harvey – $500,000
Dillon Gee – $500,000
Jenrry Mejia – $500,000


Frank Francisco – $6.5 million
Bobby Parnell – $1.5 million (arb)
Josh Edgin – $500,000
Robert Carson – $500,000
Jeurys Familia – $500,000
Jeremy Hefner – $500,000
Aaron Laffey – $500,000


The salary numbers I used for Ike Davis, Daniel Murphy and Bobby Parnell are all my estimates for what they will get in arbitration. It could be a little lower or higher.

The Mets still owe Jason Bay $21 million dollars, but $15 million dollars of it was deferred to 2014 and 2015. So $6 million has been added to the 2013 payroll commitment as well.

Though it’s technically not due until after the 2013 season, I included Johan Santana’s 2014 $5.5 million buyout above just to show that I’m not trying to inflate the amount that Sandy Alderson has been allotted to spend.

Three weeks ago, Mets COO Jeff Wilpon firmly repeated once again that he authorized and increased payroll for 2013 and that it will be higher than it was in 2012. Being as conservative as I possibly could, I took that to mean a minimum of $5 million dollars, though it could have been much more. I went with a lower figure to dissuade the perception that I am inflating the dollars the front office has to spend.

Lets Do The Math…

2012 Payroll – $95 Million

2013 Payroll Budget – $100 Million

2013 Payroll Commitments – $75.5 Million (projected roster thus far)

Total Difference – $24.5 Million

I hope that explains why I keep mentioning that $25 million dollar figure. If you disagree or find an error in my calculation, please make me aware of it.

Also, please note that last week, Sandy Alderson told reporters that just because he was authorized to increase payroll, and just because he now has a surplus of money to spend to improve the team, he does not feel obligated to spend all of it or even part of it. His reasoning is that players in today’s market are pricing themselves at levels that are far more than what he believes they are worth.

This statement by Alderson, coupled with what ownership has already confirmed about increasing payroll, all but eliminates the conclusion that the Mets are not spending because of financial woes. That storm has passed, and if payroll does come in around $80 million, it’s the general manager’s choice.

Thanks for the email, Elliot. The staff at MMO encourages reader participation. Please don’t hesitate to send your questions in.

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