Best Mythical Met: Sidd Finch Or Matt Wheeler?

Earlier today we had a funny little email exchange between me, Jessep and Satish (AKA Perseus). It started out like this…

Joe D.: The first time we ever spoke to Zack Wheeler, one of the questions asked was what are his likes and dislikes. He was quick to say, “I can’t stand when people write my name Zach instead of Zack”. Wax on, wax off.

Jessep: Meanwhile in today’s MMO Fair or Foul post: “The Mets may be content to have Zach Wheeler start the season in Las Vegas” (Bill Price, Daily News)

Joe D.: Can’t help it if paid journalists don’t do their due diligence. lol

About ten seconds later I go to MetsBlog and see this:

matt wheeler

Not for nothing, but I was literally laughing out loud for five minutes straight when I saw that title. 😀

We all make mistakes, especially me, but this one really made my day as did some of the comments that followed:

  • BREAKING NEWS: The Mets have invested heavily into gene splicing and human cloning. As a result, they were able to combine their two best pitching prospects into one super prospect. Matt Wheeler is a 12’8″ RHP, whose fastball sits regularly in the 180’s. He’s also capable of throwing on back-to-back days, and the Mets are expecting roughly 400 IP from him this year. Bottom line: money well spent.
  • I’m not usually one to torment for grammar and such, but this is plain stupid. Get a professional editor, Metsblog, before we have Ike Duda and John d’Arnaud.
  • In an effort to economize their roster and expenditures, the Mets have today announced that they have fused Matt Harvey and Zach Wheeler into one player. This way the Mets can save on the long term financial outlays and perils of arbitration and free agency, even though they would have most certainly held Wheeler back until at least May to get his magical year of extra control. Now the Mets will have to compromise, while the Harvey half of Matt Wheeler will have an extra year of control, the Wheeler half will in fact be eligible for free agency in 6 years vs. 6.75.
  • Matt Wheeler….the Met’s crack medical staff actually fused the two together to make one ultra pitcher, only they are attached backwards so both of their right arms still work. One guy faces any runners on base, and the other delivers home. No one will ever steal on us again!

I bet even Matt had to be cracking up after reading some of these. LOL

Sorry Matt, but I couldn’t resist especially after seeing this post right after our little email exchange. 😀

So who do you think is the greatest mythical Mets pitcher of all time; Sidd Finch or Matt Wheeler?

TGIF – Have a great weekend, everybody!

Sidd Finch in Boots

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