What Was The Plan That Convinced Wright To Stay With Mets?

I can point you toward a dozen or more different quotes by David Wright who said that “winning” would be more important than “money” when he decided whether or not he would sign an extension to remain with the Mets.

During his press conference in Nashville at the Winter Meetings, Wright was asked about that and he responded by saying he saw “the plan” and that he’s “excited about the direction of the team.”

What could he have possibly seen?

This morning, during an interview on WFAN, David Wright said that after meeting with Sandy Alderson and Jeff Wilpon early in the off-season, and after seeing their plan for the future, he was excited to sign a new deal to remain with the team. In fact, Wright said he only signed the extension because he believes in what Alderson is doing, he believes in the farm system and he was convinced the team will soon have the financial flexibility to help improve the team.

“I didn’t sign back here to finish in fourth place again. I wanted to make sure, if I’m gonna go all in, I want the organization to go all in as well.”

I wonder what Wright was thinking when he stood there today and listened to Sandy Alderson tell reporters that the 2013 Mets will look much like the team that ended the 2012 season?

I mean, that had to be a punch in the gut, right?

After all, Wright even kicked back $8 million of his 2013 salary to help the Mets bring in some quality players, so he’s gotta be feeling like he just got conned in a game of Three-Card Monte. No worries David, it happens to the best of us…

Raise your hand if you’re excited about the plan?

Sticking to the subject of David Wright, besides myself is there anyone among you who believe that signing Wright essentially transformed the Mets into a Win-Now team?

With only 3-4 prime years left before Wright sinks into a decline, wouldn’t you agree the Mets have a 3-4 year window to win now?

According to my own calculations, the Mets have at least $20 million dollars and as much as $25 million dollars to spend right now. Shouldn’t that be enough to bring in at least two significant players, including an offensive minded center fielder or right fielder?

Am I being unreasonable here?

If starting pitching is our forte` shouldn’t we build with that rather than dismantling it?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought pitching was how the Giants won their last two World Series…

What is the end game for this front office? Do you see one?

When do we stop trading our best commodities for prospects?

When does the winning start?

It seems to me that we are in a vicious cycle and every offseason is like Groundhog Day.

Seriously… What was the plan that convinced David Wright to stay?

Or maybe it was really about “money” and not “winning”?

I guess only Sandy and David know the real answer to that question….

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