There’s A Gap Between How Mets And Other Teams Value Dickey

There appears to be a gap between how the Mets value R.A. Dickey and how other teams value him. Hey, that’s how the game is played. Now, with Shields and Greinke gone, the Mets would appear to be in a stronger position.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson has asked for such a large package of prospects that some executives have wondered how serious he is about trading him.

On the other hand, Alderson has said all along he’s simply in a listening mode, that he’s also OK with signing Dickey to an extension or beginning the 2013 season with him and allowing the market to play out after that.

There probably is a part of Alderson that doesn’t want to trade Dickey. He became the face of the Mets last summer, his every start an event. Also, if the Mets hang onto him, their rotation would be solid.

But there are holes up and down the roster, and until some of those are filled, the Mets probably won’t compete in the NL East. As difficult as it might be for Alderson to deal him, Dickey’s value might never be higher. – Richard Justice,

I believe Dickey is going nowhere and that he’ll be on the mound for the Mets on Opening Day.

Some say that the Mets can’t win with him, I say you can’t win without him. I’d even add that you can’t win with whatever you can get for him.

Anything you get for Dickey, will have less value than what Dickey alone gives you. Sandy Alderson knows this and that’s why he’s perfectly happy keeping him. And keep him he will.