Rangers May Leave The Mets At The Altar Too…

Ken Davidoff of the New York Post points out that Zack Greinke’s bar-raising contract with the Dodgers hasn’t noticeably raised other clubs’ interest in R.A. Dickey. But that says more about how much the Mets want for their chatty knuckleballer than anything else. And it’s why the safe bet still calls for Dickey to at least start the 2013 season in a Mets uniform, he writes.

The Rangers, the apparent runners-up in the sweepstakes that concluded Saturday when Greinke agreed to a six-year, $147-million pact with the ultra-rich Dodgers, are interested in adding Dickey to their starting rotation. However, when the Rangers and Mets conversed about Dickey, the Mets asked for a rich package of young players featuring corner player Mike Olt and at least one other high-ceiling young player, an industry source said. With common ground nowhere close, the Rangers had not countered that proposal as of yesterday afternoon.

I’ve been saying this for quite some time now. The problem is not that teams are not interested in R.A. Dickey, it’s that they are not interested in grossly overpaying for him..

The Mets want teams to ignore the fact R.A. Dickey is 38 and a one-year rental. They want teams to give up at least 14 years of team controlled players for him.

The Royals finally traded Wil Myers like everyone expected and then some. They got someone younger in Shields and a starter who will stick around until the end of the 2014 season. The Royals believe they are a win now team. They also got one of the best relievers in the American League last season in Wade Davis for two other prospects. It was a drop in the bucket for one of the richest player development systems in the game.

I’ve said this before, but had the Mets simply extended Dickey and then shopped him, teams would have been willing to offer a lot more. But the fact that the Mets are unwilling to give their ace even “Oliver Perez money”, has not gone unnoticed by teams looking for a sure thing at the top of the rotation and one that doesn’t turn into a pumpkin after the 2013 season.

An extension would have given Dickey added value.

So the Rangers haven’t countered? That’s because they are busy working out a deal with another team – one with less demands. Or maybe the Rangers would just as soon take a flyer on Kyle Lohse who finished 7th in the Cy Young voting after a great season. Nobody really knows… But the fact they haven’t returned Alderson’s calls says more about Alderson’s offer to them than it does about the Rangers.

A failure to seriously engage in trade discussions, however — as seems to be the case with teams like the Diamondbacks, Red Sox, Royals, Blue Jays and Yankees in addition to Rangers — reflects a significant disparity between the Mets’ ask on Dickey and the buyers’ desires.

The Mets are not on the same page with any team. When the Royals said that talks with the Mets were dead, they meant it. When the Jays spurned the Mets demands for top catching prospect Travis d’Arnaud for Dickey, they meant it. I’m pretty sure that the Rangers have moved on from the Mets because there was no common ground for each team to work with.

As I’ve said all along, unless Alderson is grossly overpaid for Dickey, he’s not going anywhere. So just extend him already…

The Mets think they have all the leverage here. They don’t. Every other team knows the Mets are desperate for outfielders and that they have a fading fanbase, a shrinking attendance, and a tarnished brand.

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