Our New Year Resolutions For The Mets

2013 mets new year

If you could make a New Year’s Resolution for the Mets,

what would it be?

Matt B. – Improve defensively.

Jessep – You make a resolution when you wish to change a bad habit. Therefore, I’d like the Mets New Years resolution to be that they properly develop young talent in their minor leagues.

Tie Dyed – I think finishing at .500 would be a huge accomplishment.

Sean – Work on more truthfully evaluating prospects within our own system before they reach their expiration dates. (Reese Havens, Brad Holt etc.)

Nick – My New Year’s resolution is to make the playoffs or just barely miss the playoffs and be in the playoff race into deep September. The Mets have not played competitive baseball over the last few years finishing in 4th place consistently and I would love to see 2013 be the year to change that. When Sandy Alderson was hired, I hoped 2013 would be that year, but now that seems very unlikely.

Gregg – My New Year’s resolution for the 2012 Mets, is for them to play meaningful games through August and September, and for everyone to stay healthy.

Craig – A great draft based on best available talent and not how much their bonus demands are, and an honest attempt as signing all of them, especially the top ten selections.

Adam – Acquiring a decent outfielder.

Joe S. – First off we have to understand that no matter what we think of ownership, the baseball operations side needs to keep doing what it is doing. Yes it’s taking time and yes we have little to no patience as fans. But, a CORE is being allocated and developed. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a rousing success, but its progress and it’s how sustained winning teams are made. So in short, stay the course!

Jessica – I would hope that even though it probably won’t be a playoff year (or a winning year, or even a .500 year), that the team does everything they can to compete and stay in the game.

XtreemIcon – I want the Mets to resolve to play the kids and see what they have. NOT to rush up minor leaguers, mind you, but to play the kids on the major league level. Start Duda/Kirk/Valdy in the OF and give them all of Spring Training and April before shuffling anything. That means giving Edgin the LOOGY role to lose. Give Parnell the 8th (is he still a kid?). Get Kirk, Duda and Ike ABs against LHP.

Joe D. – I would wish for the Mets to understand that you cannot have a one size fits all philosophy for hitters and pitchers, and that each player should be evaluated and developed based on their own individual skill sets and those unique qualities that made the organization draft them in the first place. Enhance their talents, increase their confidence, and bring out the best in them, as opposed to reinventing them or rebuilding them from scratch.

A Happy New Year To All Our Readers!

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