MMO Roundtable: Weighing In On The Wright Deal

David Wright is a Met for life after agreeing to an eight year, $138 million dollar contract.

He’ll be collecting on that deal through his age 37 season. Thoughts?

Ed Leyro – Mike Piazza and Carlos Beltran were the last two everyday players to sign seven-year deals that took them into their mid-thirties.  Piazza’s last three years were underwhelming, while Beltran only did well in years two through four and the first half of year seven.  Perhaps by 2020,when Wright will be playing in the final year of his contract, $122 million for seven years won’t be considered very much.  But I’m still hoping Wright doesn’t follow the roads taken by Piazza and Beltran, meaning that he’ll be able to be productive for the majority of his contract.

Nick Campione –  I think it could not have worked out any better for both sides especially the Mets. It makes both sides happy agreeing to a long term deal and keeping the “Captain” here through 2020 and Wright gets his highest paid Met ever deal, through 2020, and security into future. The Mets pay him $17M per or about and it seems now the middle of the contract will be the most because Wright doesn’t want to burden the Mets in his late 30s. He is just what this team needs around.

Dan Valis – Eddie Coleman was on WFAN and said that Wright wanted a downward arc on the money owed to him over the course of the contract. The fact that he wants to be paid less when he is older makes all the sense in the world, and makes me very happy to know he will be paid the right way due to age over the course of the contract. We finally have a star Met for life, a guy who will hold all team records and hopefully be a team captain.

Satish Ram – This was the most money any team has spent on fan appeasement, I believe. I did want Wright back, but not at this cost. I can make the argument that out of Longoria/Zimmerman/Cabrera/Wright, we now have the least productive of the four players locked for eight years, and also with the worst contract. The fact that he got more than Santana by just that smudge is bothering me though. Am I supposed to care about his pride, or something? There’s no pride in being a ball player anymore – it’s about getting the most money? Is that it? Regardless, accepting this contract puts a lot of pressure on the man. Can he perform? I doubt he will earn this contract in its entirety – of course, that can be said about any 8-year contract, so it’s not so much a knock on Wright than it is on the deal.

Clayton Collier – I really liked this deal. The Mets are committed to him through his age 37 season, which isn’t bad at all considering some of the other lofty contracts throughout baseball in recent years. Wright is the face of the franchise and to have seen him walk would have been a knockout blow to the fanbase. Instead it’s now a sign that the Mets aren’t going to be down forever, and will soon be on the rise. This shows that the Amazin’s have a level of fiscal stability again and are still a big market franchise.

Jessica DeMattia – Of course, I’m very excited that David Wright is a Met for life because he’s my favorite! I’m happy that it’s over because I was growing very irritable over conflicting reports. Being able to stay with one team for his entire career was obviously a big deal not only for David Wright, but also for the fans. This puts him in the same stratosphere as Derek Jeter and Chipper Jones.

Michael Rappaport – I like it better than the seven year $140 million contract that was rumored. At the end of the day, the Mets NEEDED to keep Wright in the fold for a plethora of reasons, and not all of them had to do with his play on the field. I’m curious to see how the contract is broken down year by year in terms of dollar amount. I also think that Wright now statistically has the chance to be best position player in Mets history.

Mike Barrett – It needed to be done. He is the best player on the team and without him the Mets can’t win. Also, he is one of the main draws attendance wise and without him, the ballpark would be empty for 3/4 of the season. It is a little much but I can live with it if the team builds a middle of the order around Wright and Davis.

Mitch Petanick – Emotions aside, and once the dust settles, people will realize that this signing did nothing to improve the Mets. This signing goes against everything Alderson believes in and was simply done by the Wilpons to keep Mets fans buying tickets.

Adam Rossi – I think it’s great news for Mets fans. Is it a big number? Sure, but the AAV is right in line with what other top tier third basemen have gotten in contract extensions (Longoria, Zimmerman). Wright has been able to stay relatively healthy in his career and was able to put up his old power numbers last year once the Mets moved the walls in at Citi Field. While he obviously won’t be as good towards the back-end of the deal, he should still be able to produce into his mid-late 30’s. Plus it makes him the face of the franchise for this current generation of Mets fans, which is always a special feeling for any fan or player for that matter.

Mike Branda – There are times when you’re not only paying for the player, but you’re paying for the appeasement of the fan base and the appearance of a healthy franchise. Do I think he’s worth that money on his own? No. Do I think the Mets have appeared to have no financial stability over the last 2 years and this is at least a sign that those days are behind them? Yes. Alderson said that signing Wright was a priority, and you have to acknowledge that he was now telling the truth.

Robert Patterson – I think it’s the right move. The contract is a ton of money, but shouldn’t prohibit the team from making other moves going forward. That’s the best case scenario that they could have come away with.

Clare Lafferty – Yes, many will say the Mets could have used that money to sign other player and use David in a big trade. But, he is the face of the franchise and this deal had to get done for the Mets fanbase. And as my favorite player, I am thrilled that this deal is getting done before the winter meetings and before next season. David Wright is the Mets and I am glad that the organization went after him with a legitimate offer. So, I am looking forward to seeing David hopefully with his best years yet to come.

Gregg Hopps – I love David Wright, and I am thrilled he will be here for the next eight years. David has always said and done the “right things” here, and he’s a gamer. I didn’t even want to think about how the Mets would be without him. The money involved is completely insane. I have a tough time getting my arms around the money spent on professional athletes these days. I’ll just leave it at that.

Jim Mancari – Whatever the Mets needed to do to get this done, I’m fine with. Wright is more part of the solution than part of the problem. Ge wanted to be here, so I’m glad he stayed. Now the organization must do a better job of building around him.

Joe D. – I’m just glad it’s over. I was happy to learn that Wright specifically asked that the deal be structure to give the Mets flexibility in the next two years while not being a burden in the latter years. Classy move by a classy guy who’s still one of the top third basemen in the league.

By the way, Wright will undergo his physical today, and a press conference could come on Friday at Citi Field.

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