MMO Prospect Pulse: Vicente Lupo, LF

How much stock can you put into stats from the Dominican Summer League? In a few years, we might just find out. The man pictured above is none other than Vicente Lupo, a highly-touted international prospect that signed on with the Mets in July of 2010. I have never seen anything along the lines of footage from Vicente Lupo, so all I have to work with are the numbers that he put up and his scouting reports. When Lupo signed on with the Mets, he was ranked #25 on BA’s list of International Prospects, and he was garnering attention for one reason: his offensive capabilities.

Lupo is only 19 and has played two seasons in the DSL so far, standing at 6’0 and 180 lbs. The Mets signed him for a low to mid six figure bonus believed to be about $400,000. He has some time to fill out his frame, and his power was listed as “plus-plus” at the time of his signing. If he follows up with numbers similar to what he posted in his second season, he will be on the fast track to success in no time. His power is so impressive that it would not surprise me to hear his name brought up within the year when discussing the top Power hitters in the Mets organization.

Baseball America also stated in its scouting report “Lupo’s bat will have to carry him because his size, speed and arm strength will likely limit him to left field.” He made seven errors in his short time in 2012, so do not expect to hear anyone raving about his defense. According to Paul Depodesta, Lupo was recovering from a year-long bout with malignant hypothermia, and was very sick during his first year in the DSL with the Mets. This is a possible explanation for his underwhelming numbers to begin his time in the Mets organization. What further confirms this, and is the reason we can begin to get excited about him, are the numbers he put up in the 2012 with the Mets DSL2 team.

In 269 PAs (204 ABs), he posted a .343/.508/.600 slash with a 1:1 BB/K ratio (46:45). 18 doubles, three triples, and ten home runs. Of his 70 overall hits, 31 of them were of the extra-base variety which accounts for that ridiculously great slugging percentage. He also drove in 45 runs while scoring 58, and even stole 12 bases.

Looking ahead, Vicente Lupo still has a lot to prove considering that he has not even touched Kingsport yet. However, if he continues to rake the way he did in 2012, he might make his way up to Brooklyn or even St. Lucie by the end of 2013 season. You can already see Lupo’s stock rising on many of the top prospects lists and by now he should be on many a Met fan’s radar. I cant guarantee you a single thing about this exciting, young prospect, but I can assert my opinion on the matter… Don’t sleep on Vicente Lupo because he could very well be that elusive power hitting prospect this organization has been thirsting for in the last five years. They call him”The Beast”.

ETA: 2016/2017