Who Was The Mets Most Valuable Player In 2012, Wright Or Dickey?

There wasn’t a real lot to rave about when you consider the Mets 2012 season as a whole, but even in an 88-loss season, there were a few bright spots.

We had our first No-Hitter in franchise history, we saw one of our top prospects breakthrough in a big way, and one of the Mets’ longest held traditions finally returned – Banner Day.

There were also two remarkable performances this season; one by third baseman David Wright and the other by our mound ace R.A. Dickey. Two truly amazing feats by two truly amazing individuals. But which one was the team’s Most Valuable Player?

This was the question I put to the Writers of the MMO Roundtable… 

The R.A. Dickey Camp

Ed Leyro – Without question, the Mets MVP for 2012 has to be R.A. Dickey. Dickey was 20-6 for a team that won 74 games. He was credited with 27.0% of the team’s victories, which was the highest percentage in team history (Tom Seaver was the previous record holder, as he was credited with 26.8% of the Mets’ 82 wins in 1975). From the beginning of July to mid-September, every one of Dickey’s victories came directly after a Mets loss. Although he couldn’t pitch every day, he prevented the Mets from having long losing streaks. (Despite losing 88 games, the Mets never lost more than six in a row all season.) Wright, on the other hand was great in the first half and inconsistent after the All-Star Break. He had too many stretches where he didn’t drive in runs and had too many oh-fers to be the team’s MVP. From July 24 to the end of the season, Wright hit .247 with 6 HR and 26 RBI in 64 games, and he had half of those homers and 11 of the 26 RBI in his last ten games, when the Mets were just playing out the schedule. Those aren’t MVP numbers. (Although I will say that Wright had his best defensive season and should win his third Gold Glove this year.) Dickey was consistently good, if not great, all year. Wright had patches of greatness and long stretches of mediocrity. Dickey is my choice for 2012 Mets MVP.

Jim Mancari – Dickey was consistent throughout the entire season and was always there when the Mets needed a win. In the first half, David Wright was clearly the team’s MVP, but as the team started to swoon in the second half, it was directly correlated with Wright’s offensive struggles. Dickey is even more deserving than Wright because R.A. was able to have sustained success, even when the team faltered. What’s a real shame in this whole situation is that we as fans have to ponder life without both potential team MVP’s based on the team’s finances. I’m optimistic that the Mets will be able to keep both Wright and Dickey with the hope that they both put up team MVP-type seasons in 2013.

Jessica DeMattia – Dickey for sure….we could always count on him when we needed a win and he was the most consistent player all year. DW gets an honorable mention.

Taryn “Coop” Cooper – Simply put, his 20 wins gave the Mets – what – 27% of their total wins as a team? Where were those coming from, otherwise?

Clare Lafferty – As much as I love David Wright (my favorite player), this has been R.A. Dickey’s year. He will never have another year like this one. When Dickey pitched, you felt good about winning every time. It was fun to see him just fool every hitter he faced. And after reading his book as well, I have so much more respect for the man. If he doesn’t win the Cy Young, that would be an injustice.

Joe Spector – Who should be the Mets MVP for 2012?  If you asked this question prior to the All-Star break it could have easily been a toss up between Wright or Dickey or both.  After the All Star break it’s easy to say that David Wright, who’s first half could have ranked him among the NL leaders for possible MVP, became Bizzaro Wright in the second half of the season.  I find it hard to accept that he had a lack of protection in the lineup since the only other real threat in the Mets lineup was Ike Davis, and we all know how well he performed after the All Star game.  On the other hand R.A. Dickey was astounding from game one to 162, all while pitching with a torn abductor muscle.  He should be the NL Cy Young winner and is easily the team MVP.  No question.

Drew Staley – David Wright was well on his way to one of the best offensive seasons any Met ever produced at the plate, and then the second half happened. While Wright and the rest of team tanked after July, one constant remained and that was the greatness of what R.A. Dickey was doing on the mound every fifth day for the Mets. Dickey’s magical season sort of sneaked up on us. We were so amazed by what Johan Santana and David Wright were doing, that it wasn’t until his back to back one-hitters that all of baseball stopped and took notice of the magic that was going on. Dickey was the MVP of 2012 for the entire season – not just a part of it – all of it.

Sean Kenny – The 2012 MVP was R.A. Dickey without a doubt for his contributions to the team. Dickey won 27% of the Mets overall games, pitched like an ace pitcher every time he went out and as the Mets fanbase later found out pitched virtually an entire season with a torn abdominal muscle. Even if you ignored the contributions of a player who only played every five days, the contributions of R.A. cannot be ignored. He kept his offense in the game with his long outings allowing few, if any runs and had a never say die attitude when it came to being pulled from the game.

Satish Ram – A starting pitcher has the most influence on the outcome of a game on an individual basis. Although Dickey played in less games than Wright, it can be argued that he had the most impact. Dickey is one of the front-runners for the NL Cy Young while Wright is nowhere near the NL MVP talks.

XtreemIcon – Dickey in a landslide. Wright had a great season, for sure, but Dickey had a season for the ages (Mets fans ages, anyway). The fact that Dickey should be a shoo-in for the Cy Young notwithstanding, an MVP is the kind of player who can raise the standards of the other players. The most telling stat to me when looking at RA Dickey’s numbers isn’t his wins or his ERA or his strikeouts. It’s his run support. The NL average runs per game this past season was 4.22 runs per game. The Mets scored 650 runs, 33 fewer than league average, for a 4.01 average. However, Dickey’s runs support averaged 4.61 runs a game, .40 higher than league average and .60 higher than the Mets average. To put it in perspective, if the Mets hit for everyone else the way they hit for Dickey, they would have scored about 747 runs, which would have put them fourth in the league. Dickey made the offense better. He made the offense want to score runs for him. And it wasn’t all just because the pursuit of 20 wins. I checked to make sure, and the Mets only scored 3.83 runs per game for Dickey in his last six starts. The Mets scored nine runs in a game five times for Dickey, and they only scored more than nine runs four times all season. I’d give Wright the offensive MVP, but Dickey was on another level.

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The David Wright Camp

Jessep – It’s a really tough question. Personally, I think it has to be David Wright for the mere fact I cannot give an MVP to a guy who plays 30-something games out of 162. You simply cannot deny what Wright’s value at the plate meant in the first half, and frankly during the first half I felt Johan Santana was more valuable than Dickey was because of he seemed to drive the rest of the pitchers to go above and beyond.  For Wright, he had a brutal 2nd half but still maintained a gold glove caliber 3B. I think Wright’s 2nd half performance had more to do with the Mets young players seemingly playing over their head than Dickey’s pitching did.

Mitch Petanick – The most valuable player is the player that does the most for the team, which is not always the player with the best statistics. David Wright is the team MVP. I think Dickey had a great year, and accomplished more than we could have hoped for as fans, but if you remove Dickey from the team, I don’t think it would have as much of an impact as if we removed Wright from the team. David wasn’t as consistent in the second half, but he was still a more important player when looking at the bigger picture. If you ask me who had the better year statistically, obviously it was Dickey, but when asking who the team MVP is, it is definitely David Wright. The fact that the Mets are trying to lock up David to a long-term deal, then going to work on Dickey’s deal afterwards, says it all. The Mets know who the more valuable player is.

Michael Barrett – David Wright. Carried the team offensively for 75% of the year and played gold glove defense at third base. Dickey has a great season but I can’t give it to him based on the fact that Wright was on the field every day.

And the winner is….

By a finally tally of 13 votes for R.A. Dickey and 3 votes for David Wright, the winner by a landslide for Most Valuable Player of the 2012 Mets is… the incomparable R.A. Dickey.

We thank Dickey for giving us one of the best overall pitching performances we have ever seen by a Met.

Later this week, we hope to see R.A. come away with the Cy Young Award – the first one by a Mets pitcher since 1985 when Dwight Gooden won it.

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