While You Were Sleeping: Mets Sign Wright!

WFAN broke the news first, not a whole host of media outlets are now reporting that the New York Mets and David Wright have agreed to a seven year contract extension worth $122 million. When combined with the $16 million he is set to make this season, this becomes the most lucrative deal in team history, slightly trumping the $137.5 Johan Santana signed for a few years back.

The specifics of the deal remain to be seen, but Wright will average $17.4 million over the length of the extension, a raise of only $1.4 million over his salary this year. ¬†This ends a wild four days that saw the Mets offer and then increase their offer, only to see Wrights camp deny the accuracy of the reported negotiations. The Mets can now turn they sights to the contract negotiation and/or trade of Cy Young winner, RA Dickey, along with improving the team via whatever means necessary at next week’s winter meetings.

Reaction: I think this was the right move, personally. Wright is the lone remaining figure worthy of building a team around, the face of the franchise, and the best third baseman in the National League. This deal is pricey, but not so much so that it would prohibit the Mets from other acquisitions later. Particularly with nearly $50 million in payroll set to come off the books following the 2013 season.